Zipwhip and StoneTimberRiver Team Up to Turn Loyal Fans Into Customers

Depending on what industry you work in, the cost of acquiring a new customer can be anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. It makes sense – it’s a matter of allocating additional time and resources versus keeping your existing customers happy. With that being said, more and more businesses are investing in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to help nurture relationships with people, increase loyalty and lower acquisition costs.

This growing trend is especially apparent within the sports industry, where the level of passion and loyalty that people have for their favorite sports teams is unparalleled. That’s why we’ve teamed up with StoneTimberRiver, a leading CRM solution provider, to create an integration that helps businesses in the sports industry increase their operational productivity and deliver a greater customer experience to the people who love their teams.

About StoneTimberRiver

StoneTimberRiver provides software solutions for ticketing, suite, and partnership departments within the professional sports and entertainment industry. Their platform provides organizations the following:

  • Customer Sales and Service Dashboard
  • Communication Tracking and Scheduling
  • Lead Discovery and Generation
  • Touchpoint and Activation Tracking
  • Proposal, Contract and Invoice Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Stadium and Suite Visualizations
  • Ticketing and Data Warehouse Integrations

Notably, they work with more than 60 professional and collegiate sports teams and franchises that represent the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS and NCAA. With over 18 years of experience developing effective tools for sales, service, marketing, finance, and broadcast employees, StoneTimberRiver is continually striving to provide innovative products and outstanding service to sports organizations and their fans.

“StoneTimberRiver is always looking to partner with other best-in-breed technology solutions in the industry to help achieve our customer’s goals. CRM is a fundamental technology for many organizations and touches so many other areas of a business. Platforms such as Zipwhip complement our CRM functionality and improve existing business workflows for our customers.”
– Zach Taylor, StoneTimberRiver

About Zipwhip

Zipwhip is a SaaS startup that is dedicated to making conversations between brands and people more effective via text. With Zipwhip texting, sports fans can text their favorite teams, and sports organizations can find creative ways to interact with their supporters. Today, Zipwhip works with nearly 80 professional and collegiate sports teams across the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, NCAA, and various minor leagues in North America.

“In working with teams throughout the country, StoneTimberRiver’s name kept coming up in conversations. They’re widely viewed as an industry leader when it comes to CRM solutions, so I knew there was an opportunity to collaborate with them, as our CRM integrations are also commonly used in the sports industry. Further integrating Zipwhip into StoneTimberRiver’s Control Panel allows our customers to more easily track their text message conversations, pull data, and work more efficiently from within their CRM.”
– Matt Bruhn, Zipwhip

The Control Panel integration between Zipwhip and StoneTimberRiver was prompted by the need for centralized operational and customer support from our mutual customers. The Tennessee Titans specifically requested to have the ability to easily view their reps’ external conversations and provide valuable data to their upper management.

“Zipwhip has helped our sales and service reps be more efficient in connecting with their customers, and adding the integration with StoneTimberRiver’s Control Panel enhances those benefits.  Now, instead of navigating between separate systems, the reps look to CRM for an overall view of their communications with each account, which greatly increases their productivity.  Our management is also benefitting from the integration, as their reports and dashboards in CRM now include Zipwhip data in the tracking of progress towards goals.”
– Sara DeVene, Tennessee Titans

Driving Positive Change

By text-enabling their existing ticket sales and service department phone numbers, sports teams can engage with season ticket holders and prospects, follow-up on customer service inquires, and drive in new leads on the medium that fans prefer: texting. Our goal at Zipwhip is to help every sports team in North America become more efficient and drive more revenue with safe two-way messaging.

As more sports teams and organizations invest in building and maintaining relationships with their fans, technology will continue to play a big part in turning those loyal fans into customers. CRM solutions and business texting will provide a more intimate customer experience and help businesses in the sports industry become more productive and profitable long-term.

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