You can text landlines but why is that important?

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When it comes to text messaging there are a lot of choices out there: personal cellphones, CRM/DMS tools, even third party vendors and chat softwares offer comparable options. But not all business messaging platforms are created equal.

As a Zipwhip account executive in the automotive industry, I get a lot of questions about landline texting from the dealerships that I talk to but in reality these questions apply to all businesses that want to make a substantial impact on how they connect and communicate with customers.

If you are struggling to optimize text messaging for your business it could because you aren’t using the right texting solution. Your landline phone number already has a lot of equity but there are many other reasons why texting from your landline is important. I’ve answered the 10 most frequently asked questions I get about landline texting and Zipwhip to help you make your decision.

1. What happens when someone texts my landline phone number?

Today when your customers text you, those messages are going into a virtual black hole. With Zipwhip, you can send and receive business messages from your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

2. I already text through my CRM/DMS, how is Zipwhip different?

By using your existing business phone number, you will not have to provide a new or separate number for text messaging. Additionally, CMR/DMS’s often use short codes to send messages. Short codes aren’t designed to support two-way conversational texting. If you’re texting from your CRM, chances are your customers have no idea who that message is coming from and they have no way to reply without using programmed keyword responses. Who likes talking to a robot?

3. Do you integrate with my CRM/DMS?

While specific integrations with CRM and DMS softwares can be of importance, Zipwhip offers a Google Chrome Extension as an alternative. This way, no matter what web based platform you use, in the short or long term, you can still have the same texting capabilities that a full integration may offer and with Zipwhip you keep your customers and conversations no matter what software you use now or switch to in the future.

4. We already use our cellphones, why would I need to text through Zipwhip?

Cell phones do offer a two-way conversational solution but they don’t offer a scale-able, professional solution that allows management full viability into and reporting of that communication channel. Allowing employees to use personal cell phones for business communication can create holes in your customer relationships over time. When an employee leaves, not only are they taking those conversations with them, they are taking that customer relationship too.

5. How will I know who responds to which message?

With our multi-user enterprise packaging, you will be able to create separate login credentials for each employee who will be sharing the account. You can manage user credentials (operator and admin permissions) as needed.

6. If I have multiple business lines activated with Zipwhip, how can I keep track of all of those conversations?

By utilizing our switchboard feature, you will be able to access and manage all of your lines in one central location.

7. How can I generate awareness that people can text my dealership phone number?

Let’s start simple, simply include “call or text” next to any of your business branded numbers on your website, social media, email signatures, business cards, etc.

Google’s AdWords and Google My Business messaging features are additional ways of letting customers know they can text you.

Instagram Business also offers a text option; your customers can text your business directly from your Instagram profile.

8. Why should I pay for text messaging with you when I can get it for free through Google Voice?

This is important. You don’t own the number provided to you by Google Voice so it can always be taken away – along with your contacts and conversations.

Zipwhip is not free, but it has shown to pay for itself with real results. Time and time again our customer customers tell us how valuable Zipwhip has been to their day-to-day business. 

9. How is Zipwhip’s Click-to-Text model different than others?

When using Zipwhip’s Click-to-Text product, your customers simply click the link on your mobile website to start a conversation-this automatically opens the native texting app on their mobile phone. Other similar solutions require the user to additional information in order to start a conversation; this isn’t an ideal customer experience and could be a considered a barrier to entry.

10. Which departments do you primarily serve?

Zipwhip focuses on business texting. There is a Zipwhip user case for every department (sales, service, parts, BDC, marketing, IT, etc.), no specific CRM/DMS or software needed. In fact, Zipwhip works with 60+ industries, not just automotive.

At the end of the day, no one texting platform is going to be perfect for every business. However, all businesses are starting to see why they need some form of business texting. It is just a matter of making the correct decision.

What texting platform will you choose?

For more, read Dealer Marketing Magazine article: Why Not All Dealership Texting Platforms Are Created Equal

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