You Asked, We Listened: The Best Zipwhip Mobile App Experience for iOS

zipwhip app experience for ios

If you’re not already using Zipwhip’s mobile application for iOS or haven’t updated recently, now’s the time to head to the app store. Zipwhip users love our two-way business texting mobile app for many reasons. First, it’s great for on-the-go business communication; people who don’t work in front of a computer gain huge value from business texting software that’s available in their pockets. Second, our mobile app gives you the ability to leverage the hardware on your phone, like your camera. And maybe most importantly, our mobile app brings texting back to its original form, encouraging the quick, concise messaging that consumers prefer.

So how has our mobile app for iOS improved? Let’s take a look.

We’ve done a full re-skin

The user experience of our mobile app on iOS is now better than ever, thanks to styling updates on every screen. The compose box, message bubble, login screen and conversation view are now more modern and mirror the look of the messaging tools you’re already using on your phone
zipwhip contact list on ios

We added even more details to the conversation pane

Now on line two of any conversation, you can see a longer snippet of the last message in the conversation. In addition, a third line shows the most recent history, like who replied last and if someone is currently typing.

You can now edit contact details (with only two taps)

Naming contacts in your Zipwhip app should be quick and easy—and now it is. Simply long press on the contact from the conversation pane and replace the phone number with your contact’s first and last name. Tap save and you’re done. This feature (currently only available on iOS, but coming to Android soon) will help you keep your contacts organized and allow you to quickly see who you’re talking to when messages come in.

You can update additional contact fields by tapping on the conversation and tapping the user icon in the upper right corner. Tap on “Add details” to update fields like company, job title, email, city and more. You can also add notes about your client, which is a great way to remember personal details or conversations for relationship building.
zipwhip contact add on ios

You’ll never miss a message again

A new in-app notification in our iOS app will make it so you never miss a text while you’re in another conversation. A small orange circle in the upper left corner of the message composer will show exactly how many unread messages you have and will update in real time as new messages come in.
zipwhip convo on ios

You can easily move your personal contacts to your Zipwhip app

If you’ve just started using Zipwhip, but have been leveraging text messaging with your customers through your personal phone, you’ll want to get those customers moved to your business phone number. Our new copy and paste function allows you to copy a phone number from your contact list, and paste it right into the Zipwhip app. Then, simply update the contact details and you’re ready to go.

You can delete conversations

Message cleanup is another important tool for keeping your customer conversations organized and now it’s here! To delete a conversation, simply slide to the right and press the red trashcan button. The conversation will be permanently removed from your conversation pane.

And you can switch back to desktop any time

Our mobile apps sync directly with our web app if you ever need the full features. Mark a message unread in your mobile app, and it will instantly be marked as unread in your desktop app. We empower you to reach your clients quickly and easily, no matter where you are or what technology you have at your fingertips.

Want to text your customers, but don’t have a Zipwhip account yet? Sign up for a free 14-day trial and improve your customer communication today.

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