It’s World Emoji Day! Here’s Why You Should Embrace Emojis in Your Business Texts

emojis and cell phone

Emojis have evolved with text communication. What was once limited to colons and parentheses now includes entire keyboards full of flamenco dancers, sparkles, hand gestures and varying degrees of smiling faces.

And everyone has a favorite emoji. Perhaps it’s the crying with laughter face, the humble thumbs up or even the octopus. Emojis have become a vital part of texting, and we at Zipwhip are thrilled to see businesses utilizing them through our two-way texting.

Check out some of our favorite emojis:

Emojis may have been shunned from emails at the start for seeming unprofessional, but they’ve thrived in the world of two-way texting.

And that includes business-to-customer texts.

Emojis are conversational and commonplace

About 92 percent  of the world’s online population use emojis in their messaging. They add flair. They’re fun. And they’re great for customer engagement.

They may just seem like little smiley faces and symbols, but emojis can make conversations that aren’t done face-to-face more personable.

“Face-to-face communication is rich with nonverbal behavior, including body language, eye contact and tone of voice,” says Andrea Luangrath, an assistant professor of marketing at University of Iowa Tippie College of Business. “And when people exchange written messages electronically, these elements have to be translated into text to be communicated.”

Emojis translate tone and nonverbal behavior into text. When a customer can’t see who’s on the other side, a smiley face or thumbs up can put them at ease.

And while it may seem counterintuitive, our generational survey found that the majority of customers, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, are fine with companies using emojis in texts so long as it fit the context of the message.

Emoji use by generation

Emojis boost the personal and positive in a message

Consumers add emojis to their texts to convey emotions. If businesses are expected to mirror the language of their customers, why shouldn’t they also use them? The point of adopting a two-way business-texting service is to engage in conversations with customers. Emojis add a personal touch that reminds your customers they’re talking to a human.

A simple thumbs up after “Great! We’ve rescheduled your appointment for 9:30 a.m.” feels personal and enhances the positive message.

Fast, helpful responses help create brand affinity with customers, and a back-and-forth conversation builds rapport. An emoji works with both elements, since it’s naturally integrated into two-way texting and won’t sacrifice speed or clarity.

The key is to use emojis sparingly and strategically. No one wants to try and decipher a string of modern hieroglyphics. And like a face-to-face conversation, a smile may not be welcome in certain situations. It’s still based on human communication.

Want to get in on two-way business texting and start engaging your customers in a more conversational, personalized way? Try out a free trial of Zipwhip today!

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