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texting at fitness center

The fitness industry is booming. People are hitting the gym more and signing up for classes at studios, boxes, and clubs.

As a fitness establishment, it’s hard to reach everyone if you are relying on old methods of communication, like phone calls, voicemail, and emails. In today’s world, convenience is key. It has to be easy for members to contact you on their terms.

That’s where texting comes in.

TITLE Boxing Club Seattle: Champions Zipwhip Texting

Zipwhip’s Jace Treat works with gyms across the country and found that texting plays a crucial role in connecting with customers. TITLE Boxing Club, featured in the video above, uses landline texting to connect with prospective and existing members. Zipwhip offers them another channel to reach their members and helps them “keep the communication lines open.”

Jace also spoke with the Barbell Business Podcast about when to add texting to your gym’s communication strategy.

Zipwhip’s texting service lets gym owners contact prospective and existing members seamlessly, over all stages of the customer lifespan. Here are some of the ways real gyms use Zipwhip every day:

  • Prospecting: Follow up with inbound leads in a low-pressure way, conversational way.
  • Customer Experience: Make sure your members are having the best experience possible while meeting their fitness goals.
  • Staff Communication Management: Don’t rely on employees using their own phones to text with clients. Zipwhip separates business from personal conversations and allows all messages to be centrally accessible in one place so managers can oversee.
  • Time Management: It can take up to 5 or 6 calls for sales to reach a lead over the phone. With a simple text, gyms are seeing higher engagement, which frees up time for sales to focus on more important things than a game of phone tag.
  • Filling Empty Class Spots: Create wait lists in the Zipwhip app and text members when you have cancellations, or when class spots open up.
  • Billing/Payment: Follow up with delinquent accounts and get answers quickly over text.

Talk to your customers on the terms they want. Let your customers text you.

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