As more millennials enter the workforce, the factors that attract top talent are evolving. Gone are the days when employees were enticed by a 401K and dreams of a gold wristwatch upon retirement. Today, more than 50% of millennials say they would be willing to take a pay cut to find work that matches their values and makes them feel fulfilled.

In striving toward their own individual professional goals, millennials do value innovative, engaging companies that are leveraging the latest technology, as well as proactive communication that keeps them in the loop.  Like it or not, millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. They are the generation that’s going to shape the workplaces of tomorrow, so recruiters would benefit greatly from engaging new prospects with direct communication on a medium that makes sense for millennials.

Two-way business texting is a simple yet effective solution that enables recruiters to reach applicants in a fast, authentic and practical way. It streamlines the conversation through millennials’ preferred communication tool: texting.

Easier for applicants

The job hunt is difficult enough as is – often seekers are holding down a full-time job while simultaneously exploring additional opportunities. A business-texting platform like Zipwhip allows applicants to confirm interviews via text. It seems simple, but this is crucial for the average job seeker, for whom discretion is the name of the game. It’s far easier for a currently employed candidate to subtly text a recruiter at a new company, compared to rushing out of earshot to take a phone call. It makes the entire process much more natural and less stressful for applicants.

Without utilizing technology like business texting, recruiters could be missing out on the perfect employee, simply because it was easier for that candidate to connect with a competitor.

Easier for recruiters

Business texting also makes life easier for folks on the other side of the desk. It’s convenient and encourages clearer, faster communication that helps avoid the back and forth with potential candidates. Rather than endlessly playing phone tag, recruiters can easily touch base with a quick text and set up a good time to connect with a job applicant.

As much as 60% of recruiters currently text with candidates as part of their hiring process, but most are forced to use their personal cell phones in absence of a dedicated tool. Business texting allows recruiters to separate personal and professional text conversations by utilizing the businesses’ existing phone number. It also creates efficiencies within the larger team. Using a platform like Zipwhip’s, a team of recruiters can access one another’s message chains to make sure every candidate is followed up with. Those conversations are then safely stored within the Zipwhip app, so businesses can go back and access the information at any time.

Zipwhip + TempWorks

In the effort to help improve the recruiting process for all parties involved, Zipwhip has launched a new integration with TempWorks, a leading staffing-software company. This integration allows TempWorks users to track text messages sent from their existing landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number, and ensure better communication between recruiters and candidates. Texting from this easy-to-use interface improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the recruiting process from start to finish.

For additional resources, download our comprehensive e-book: The Ultimate  Guide to Texting for Staffing & Recruiting.

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