What Does an SMS API Offer My Company?

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Thanks to Zipwhip, your company has embraced two-way texting for business as an incredibly effective way to communicate with customers, using message Templates, Auto Replies, Keywords and Group Messaging to attract new customers and optimize engagement with existing ones. You’ve seen improved efficiency, your customers love the convenience and personal interaction and you may have even witnessed an increase in revenue!

All the while, you’re still sending some of your most timely and critical messages— account alerts, appointment reminders and billing notifications—via email or voicemail. You may even be using a separate short code number to send those messages, leaving your customers with no ability to respond. This disjointed communication experience is confusing for customers and can foster distrust in your company.

Why not send all your customer communications via text from the business number they recognize and trust?

The Zipwhip Software + API Advantage

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With the Zipwhip API, we make it easy to integrate best-in-class SMS/MMS into your existing business management software. Send and receive texts using our secure and reliable direct carrier connectivity to ensure higher receipt rates, and sync messages across platforms to keep track of communications for compliance, legal and customer service reasons.

Plus, because you’re using your same business phone number, customers can respond to any message, whether personal or automated, and start a conversation at any point.

This pairing of software + API allows a dentist’s office scheduling patient visits via our software to also send automated text appointment reminders from their CRM. It allows a credit union offering customer support through our software to sync and record those text messages in their CRM for compliance purposes. It allows a retailer following up with a customer after a sale via our software to automatically send a text notification from their CRM when a delivery is sent.

Zipwhip’s Software + API makes it possible to leverage texting across all of your company’s workflows, creating a seamless communications channel with your customers for both programmatic and conversational messages.

Learn more about our API here.

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