Webinar: Great Ways to Use Texting for Business (According to the Businesses That Already Text)

zipwhip webinar

There are endless applications for Texting for Business. Punchy marketing promotions, seamless appointment rescheduling, helpful payment reminders, professional usage of emojis—the list goes on!

We’ve been super impressed by the innovation of our customers. They’re always finding new ways to leverage texting in their day-to-day workflow, tailoring the tool to custom fit their industry needs.

So, if you’re still browsing for the right use case for texting in your business, or you’re just in need of some inspiration, see what Zipwhip customers are doing. In this webinar, we explore some of the great ways our customers are utilizing texting to reach their customers faster, streamline their work, build stronger relationships and, of course, grow revenue.

We share customer stories from a range of industries, from sports teams to credit unions. They’re real use cases from real customers, so even if you’re not in one of these industries you’ll get valuable (and more importantly, actionable) takeaways.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about…

  • How financial institutions can use texting to close more loans
  • Why sports teams are investing in texting to increase ticket sales
  • How texting helps sales teams build confidence
  • Why texting is crucial for crisis lines

This webinar originally aired on Thursday, September 12 at 11 a.m. PDT

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