Top 10 Things that Happened at Zipwhip in 2020 

Before we put 2020 in the closet never to think of it again, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the bright spots our company has seen in an otherwise atrocious yearWe’ve been fortunate in many ways at Zipwhip. Our employees were able to transition immediately and effectively to remote workwe moved our business forward and more companies than ever discovered that texting was a tool they couldn’t do without. In a year when so many businesses are struggling or were forced to close through no fault of their ownI am especially grateful for our customers and employees who have enabled our success.   

We were able to help nonprofits and government agencies fight the coronavirus

In 2020 we offered free texting to nonprofits and government agencies that have helped others during the COVID pandemic. These organizations used texting in critical ways, like the food bank in Washington state that used texting for dispatch and delivery of meals to vulnerable people who couldn’t leave their home, or the employment-assistance organization who used texting to connect recently out-of-work Americans with employers.

We helped Santa send and receive over 1 million texts

Santa has been texting families since Zipwhip powered up his toll-free text number in 2015. This year we super-powered Santa’s texting capabilities using the Zipwhip API and some AI to help him keep up with all the incoming messages. He responds year-round: 844-YO-SANTA (844-967-2682).

We hosted our first-ever customer summit (virtually, of course)

We’ve wanted to host a conference since we started Zipwhip. While the stage wasn’t exactly what we pictured in those early days, the excitement and enthusiasm from our attendees was beyond what we imagined. Nearly 2,000 people registered for our two-day texting summit to watch keynotes, customer panels and industry sessions. Although ConText is over, you can still catch all the content you missed – there’s plenty to keep you busy until next year.

We transformed mobile payments with TXT2PAY

During the coronavirus pandemic, contactless payment is more important than ever. TXT2PAY for Zipwhip allows businesses to have conversations about purchases or bills and instantly send and receive payments over texting. Customers make payments without ever leaving their texting app, providing a truly contactless communication-and-payment solution for businesses and consumers.

We awarded our very first Women in STEM scholarship

An inclusive culture is crucial to the success of all tech companies. That’s why we chose to offer our first-ever scholarship award to a female student pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) – fields traditionally dominated by men. We were amazed by the stories we heard from the 100+ women who applied. We announced Larissa Yaholkovksy, an Application Development student at North Seattle College, the recipient after reading about her plans to develop technology that will ease communication across linguistics barriers. Read her essay here. 

We brought on a new board member and a new chief product officer

Tech veteran Carol Meyers joined our board of directors just four months ago but she’s already had a big impact on our strategies and growth trajectory no surprise given she has over 30 years of experience helping companies scale and IPO. We also brought on Ravi Angadi as our chief product officer. He and Nimrod Vered, our chief engineering officer, are working in tandem to continue building the most trusted texting platform on the planet.

We produced more than 150 helpful texting resources for businesses

Texting is the most intuitive communication channel we have, but there’s always more to learn about how to use it most effectively. That’s why we published 117 blog posts, 13 podcasts, 12 webinars, 9 ZipTV episodes, four e-books and a host of COVID-19 resources. You can find all this content in our blog and brand-new Resource Center.

We published more than 100 pieces of original data on business communication and consumer mobile habits

In our second annual State of Texting report, we published research showing that 91% of consumers have received a text from a business, which is a 20% growth over the year prior. In a separate surveywe found that 80% of consumers think it’s important that a business offers the option to text them. Although the idea of texting a business was basically nonexistent just a few years ago, these statistics reveal consumers see the value in business texting. Interestingly, 1 in 3 consumers has tried to text a business and never gotten a response back, which indicates they’re texting a business that hasn’t text-enabled their phone number. 

We won 14 awards

While 2020 won’t be winning any awards, we were fortunate to win a few awards ourselves. Last year, our employees recognized Zipwhip as one of the best places to work in Washington and our software and API solutions continue to be recognized for the way they’ve changed business and consumer communication forever.

We increased our revenue by over 100% 

2020 was a groundbreaking year for our business. We doubled our revenue from 2019 due to the skyrocketing demand for texting solutions. 

Now, onward and upward into 2021, where I know we’ll see more texting and better engagement with your customers. 

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