The Benefits of Using Toll-Free SMS Texting in Your Omnichannel Strategy 

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As we adapt to our new normal for conducting business, enterprise brands will begin to realize the importance of executing against an omnichannel communication strategy.  

What does omnichannel mean? 

Omnichannel can be defined as a communications approach where businesses use multiple channels to engage with their customers. This means businesses can seamlessly navigate conversations across phone, mobile app, email, social media and SMS texting channels.

Today, consumers expect the same experience as they move from one touchpoint to another when interacting with brands. If you can create a successful omnichannel strategy, you will deliver better experiences for both new and existing customers.

According to ClickZ, customers bought 250% more frequently from brands that use an omnichannel strategy compared to companies that only use one communication channel.  In addition, customer retention rates are 90% higher for companies that utilize an omnichannel strategy compared to companies that engage with customers in a single channel.  

The importance of texting within an omnichannel strategy 

Because consumer communication preferences are rapidly shifting toward texting instead of phone, chat, or email, businesses must have a sound strategy for SMS texting. Our 2019 State of Texting report found that 83% of consumers responded to texts within 30 minutes, including texts from businesses. Further, over half of consumers (52%) would rather have marketing and promotional messages texted to them and 53% prefer to deal with customer service requests via text as opposed to waiting on a call or an email response.

Overwhelmingly, consumers also prefer sales inquiries (55%) and scheduling tasks (73%) to be handled via texting. Response time and convenience are two primary reasons why consumers prefer to use SMS texting when engaging with businesses. 

Compelling reasons to use tollfree numbers in your omnichannel strategy 

  • Customers can use the same number for texting or calling 
  • 800 numbers are easily recognized and trusted by your customers 
  • Provides instant, twoway communication between your brand and consumers 
  • Higher throughput than other SMS channels  
  • Messages are encrypted on our network for safety 
  • Handset delivery receipts 
  • Tollfree numbers are inexpensive, easy to acquire, and can be set up quickly for business texting 

How can Zipwhip help? 

As the leading and most direct source of tollfree SMS texting in North America, Zipwhip is a true thought leader in the industry. We offer both software and a high throughput API for twoway conversational texting. Our API allows businesses to easily integrate text messaging into any existing business application. Zipwhip has invested heavily in creating a network where brands can communicate safely and reliably with their customers. 

Learn more 

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using tollfree numbers for your omnichannel communication strategy, we’re offering a free trial of Zipwhip. For more information on how to use business texting, including common use cases, etiquette tips and text templates, download our free e-book:  The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers.


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