This New iOS 13 Feature Will Make it Harder to Call Customers With iPhones

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Apple’s recently released iOS 13 just made it harder to reach your customer’s phone—but it’s not all bad news.

The update, released September 19, included a feature called Silence Unknown Caller.

Here’s how you set it up:

Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers

With this feature activated, incoming calls from numbers that aren’t saved in your contacts list (unknown numbers) will be sent straight to voicemail without so much as a chirp from your phone.

screenshot of iPhone with Silence Unknown Caller feature activated

You can turn on the Silence Unknown Caller feature in your settings

To be fair, our recent survey found 92% of consumers will ignore a call from an unknown number either way.

Consumers aren’t answering their phone as often as they once were thanks to the rise in robocalls, an increase in phone anxiety and a majority view of calls being disruptive to their day.

This iOS update just makes it easier for iPhone users to ignore their calls—even from legitimate businesses.

So, what can your business do about it?

This update doesn’t mean you can’t reach customers on their iPhones. It just means a phone call may not be your best bet if you haven’t established a relationship yet.

Instead, a text from your business is a good way to introduce yourself up front after a customer has opted-in to your texts. Even having the ability to follow-up on a phone call via text can help your business out of “unknown contact” limbo and start a conversation.

And, according to Apple’s support page, if the user has already texted the phone number or if that number was shared with them in an email, the call will still go through.

Texting for Business can break through the noise of robocalls and spam because it’s more protected by carrier networks and software providers.

Check out our free e-book, the Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers to learn how you can use business texting to reach your customers, no matter what smartphone model they carry.

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