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This photo was taken at my Hawaiian wedding in 2014.

Three years ago I began planning my perfect Hawaii destination wedding. Between budget, logistics, who to invite, color scheme, where to stay, what to wear… my world of planning revolved around the following:

  • Making tons of calls
  • Phone tag with my coordinator, my photographer, my caterer, my mom, my bridesmaids, my accommodations… so on and so forth.
  • And managing all of these logistics between different time zones and busy schedules

8 months, 72 emails, 103 calls, and 591 texts later (you get the idea)… I celebrated my big day!

Full disclosure: This all happened a few years prior to starting my career with Zipwhip. I am on the older spectrum of the Millennial generation, but I’m a proud Millennial nonetheless. If I can avoid calling a number, I will. And if someone calls me, I hardly answer. Even if my Mom calls, I reply with a text: “Hi mom, busy shopping right now. Let’s chat later.”

I was amazed that I hadn’t heard of businesses texting to landline and toll-free numbers sooner! I can actually text my salon, my dogs groomer, my dentist and my wedding venue?! What a concept, right? Where was this technology when I was planning my wedding?

I missed out on…

  • Important emails with venue option choices
  • Important calls to clarify who, what, and when
  • I was working a full-time job with limited time to allocate to wedding decisions on the fly
  • I had a hard time reaching my coordinator when I did have the time

Texting would have saved me a lot of stress and miscommunication. Being able to shoot a quick text would have been a life saver.

“Texting with my brides on my desktop saves me so much time.”

bridal texting 2Coincidentally, one of the first people I reached out to when I started working at Zipwhip was none other than my wedding coordinator, Dawn, who had helped me plan the details of my wedding back in the day. She needed Zipwhip!

“Texting with my brides on my desktop saves me so much time,” Dawn told me after she started using Zipwhip. She explained that when brides are shopping around, they usually go with the vendor that replies quickest. Texting helps her beat the competition because it’s super-quick. “This is a total game-changer for my company!”

By turning on the texting channel for her existing business phone number she can not only get her time back, but give customers (brides) that personal touch by allowing them to text her.

With so many people making plans on-the-go to celebrate their special day, how do you stand out among the large hotel chains? A personal touch can go a long way. Event vendors like Dawn have found a way to streamline how they communicate, foster that personal touch, and — most of all — keep their brides happy.

Planning a wedding already feels like a full-time job. Make it easier for your brides. All it takes is a text.

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