Thanksgiving Text Messages to Send Your Customers

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s a great time to show customers your gratitude for their business. Instead of sending the traditional mailer or email this year, consider texting a ‘thank you’ note. Read about how texting can be used to convey thoughtful messages, then use our examples below to craft your own texts.

Why send Thanksgiving text messages?

A simple message of appreciation to your customers is a great way to illustrate how much you value them. When a customer feels valued by a business, they’re more likely to become a loyal customer.

But why use texting? When considering how you want to send a ‘thank you’ note, you’ll want to be sure that your recipient will actually see the message. Paper mail can get lost among the piles of junk mail most of us receive (not to mention, mail can get expensive.) And emails can easily be overlooked among the holiday marketing messages that are already stuffing our inboxes this time of year. Plus, email isn’t a great option for thanks yous because it’s not a personal medium.

A text, on the other hand, is more intimate, and it’s the next best thing to an in-person thank you. And with a 98% open rate, it’s almost guaranteed your recipient will read your message.

If you have a large group of customers you’d like to reach on Thanksgiving, consider using business-texting software to help you manage the workload. You’ll have access to features that aren’t available through the native messaging app on your phone, such as:

  • personalizing every message with the recipient’s name, even in group texts
  • scheduling the delivery of your texts ahead of time
  • segmenting your customers into groups based on the type of messaging

Read more about how Zipwhip works and the advantages of using texting software for your business here.

Tips for creating a meaningful Thanksgiving text message for your customers

  • Use the recipient’s name. Using the generic “Dear valued customer” will make your customer feel anything but valued. Using their name is a small way to make a human connection.
  • Keep your message short. You don’t have to wax poetic to write an impactful ‘thank you’ text. Texting is meant for short messages and it’s what a recipient expects to see when they open a text.
  • Add an emoji or two. Emojis elevate your message. They’re friendly, light-hearted and your recipient wouldn’t mind seeing them sprinkled in a text from you.
  • Use an image. A festive image is a great way to make your message livelier. You can even add text to the image, such as adding an offer code with instructions on how to redeem it.
  • Sign off with your name. With business-texting software, this can easily be done by enabling a signature. Otherwise, make sure to introduce yourself at the beginning of the text.

Should you include a call to action in your message?

You certainly can send a simple message without a call to action but consider providing your audience with something extra. Customers like receiving a thank you from a brand in the form of a reward or gift. If you’re able, provide a discount code, special sale or even ask if they can make a donation to your business’ favorite charity.

If you work closely with customers or clients, try personalizing your message with more than just their first name. They’ll feel special if you mention something about your time working together. This doesn’t have to be hyper specific. You’ll likely be sending many customers a text and individualizing every message may not be realistic.

Take the following instance of a real estate agent with a large list of clients.

  • The agent can create a list of every client they sold a house to this year, and in their message, they’d include a mention of the house: “I’m thrilled to have helped you find the home of your dreams this year.”
  • In a separate group list for those the agent is currently assisting in finding a home, they can include a message such as, “Thank you for trusting me with your home search. I’m looking forward to finding the perfect fit for you!”

Examples: Thanksgiving messages for business

Adjust the messages below as they pertain to your business and the relationship with customers or clients. If you’re a Zipwhip customer, just copy and paste the plain text into your message window and edit the italicized sections.

Simple message with no call to action

Hi [First Name]! Sending you a heartfelt THANK YOU this Thanksgiving holiday. We’re grateful to have you as a customer and look forward to serving you again in the future. Happy Thanksgiving! 🥧

Zipwhip thanksgiving text message example

Hi, [First Name]. (Your business name) has had an incredible year, but we couldn’t have done it without you. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for being a customer. You’re a huge contribution to our success, and we won’t forget that. Happy Thanksgiving!

Zipwhip Thanksgiving themed text message example

🍁 Happy Thanksgiving! We’ve really enjoyed working with you, [First Name], and wanted to say thank you for trusting our firm with (insert something specific). We’ll be here if you ever you need us again. 😊

Thanksgiving themed text message

Message asking for a charity donation

Hi [First Name]. This Thanksgiving, we’re asking our clients to make a donation to (charity name), a charity that’s dear to our hearts here at (your business name). We’ve already reached our donation goal this year but would love to bump the dollar amount with your help. Just follow the link to get started. Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Text message example for Thanksgiving charity

Message with a special discount

Happy Thanksgiving, [First Name]. As a thank you for being a customer, we want to offer you 15% off your next purchase with us. Just enter the code GRATEFUL at checkout or show this text to an associate the next time you’re in our store.

Thanksgiving text message example with sales promo

Hi [First Name]. Sending you a warm thank you for being a customer this year. Our business wouldn’t be the same without you! As a small token of our gratitude, we’d like to offer you 20% off your next purchase. Please enter the code THANKS at checkout to redeem your discount, valid until 1/1/2020. Happy Thanksgiving! 🍂

Thanksgiving text message with 20% off discount code example

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