You may have wondered, should lawyers text with their clients? Or, what’s the best communication platform for lawyers? Or perhaps, how do I promote my law firm?

Whether you have a private law practice or work for a large law firm, it’s important to keep accurate and organized documentation. Maintaining precise records of conversations that you have with your clients not only helps improve your firm’s efficiency, it also has the potential to help your business grow.

Some of the biggest and most frequent complications that law firms run into include quickly communicating with clients, keeping clean accounting records and creating operational efficiency. With the growing demand for instant communication, texting software is a viable solution to help law firms combat each of these pain points.

Zipwhip was named a top software for law firms on Defense attorney J. Ryan Brown said, “Zipwhip allows our clients to text in quick questions and any member of the team can respond in no time. Clients expect to be able to text these days.”

6 ways texting can make your law firm more successful

1. Connect with clients faster, through their communication channel of choice–SMS

The average person takes about 90 minutes to respond to an email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message. Lawyers can receive immediate responses from clients by texting to confirm a consultation, resolve a billing issue or share evidence photos. The facts are clear, texting for law firms is an effective way to stay on top of cases and remain competitive.

The reality is that despite the wave of chat apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp pervading the telecom landscape, 94% of smartphone users still choose to text. Zipwhip’s 2020 State of Texting report found that consumers prefer texting over other communication channels. What’s more, 90% of all cellphones in the world are SMS-capable, and roughly 5 billion people already text. It’s no wonder then that texting has become one of the most efficient methods of communication; it’s a tool that has become engrained in our culture.

Like in the early days of email, when law firms discovered how modern technology could shift how they do day-to-day business, firms have another opportunity to harness a powerful tool for connecting with clients. Reaching clients more directly and quickly means saving time you might otherwise spend leaving voicemails and emails; and using their preferred form of communication will also shape a more human experience that establishes trust.

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2. Keep client communications organized

Text clients from your law office’s existing landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number. Zipwhip’s business texting software allows attorneys, paralegals and other support staff to text clients using a desktop or laptop computer. They can also text from a cellphone using Zipwhip’s mobile app. By text-enabling your law firm’s landline, text messages are sent from the same number clients already call, making communication faster and easier. It’s also a strong selling point. Promote your law firm by letting clients know they can communicate by text by advertising it on your website, social media pages and email signatures.

According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), “firms must ensure the capture of business-related communications regardless of the devices or networks used. A firm must capture and maintain all business-related communications in such a way that the firm can review them for inappropriate business conduct.” In other words, law firms are required to keep clean records because they have a duty to produce evidence in a courtroom at any time.

In the instances where lawyers use their personal cellphone to text their clients, transposing the information captured through text messages into official records can be cumbersome and pose a risk to their accuracy. There’s no sure way to monitor whether all the data was captured in the first place, and if it was done so correctly. That’s why firms that implement business texting also need to make sure they utilize software that more effectively archives the information shared during business conversations.

Zipwhip’s integrated archive feature ensures that messages are automatically archived and can be configured and exported to external archive platforms. Read more about our expertise in security and compliance. 

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3. Integrate your business-texting solution with your other favorite services

Law firms use a variety of platforms to carry out daily business functions and switching back and forth between them all can eat up precious billable time. Wherever possible, firms should find efficiencies between products.

That’s why Zipwhip has integrated its texting platform with the leading cloud-based practice-management system, Clio. With this partnership, law firms can connect with their clients through text messaging using their existing business phone numbers, and automatically archive those conversations in an intuitive, searchable format.

Zipwhip provides a 360-degree view of client communications by syncing text conversations to the existing Clio database in real time. Conversation threads and photos are stored, dated and time-stamped for accountability and systematic case management.

The Zipwhip for Clio CRM integration includes:

  • A suite of professional grade in-app features
  • Easy to use two-way texting software
  • Customer on-boarding with continued training and support
  • Click-to-text and API product offerings for an enhanced texting experience

This integration offers complete client-interaction tracking, thereby improving workflow and providing peace of mind to lawyers and law firms. Watch the video.

4. Enhance productivity with automation and advanced texting tools

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks while increasing productivity with convenient automation tools. And provide team visibility to client text conversations by implementing shared access within your practice. Texting for law firms not only streamlines daily workflow, it helps lawyers manage their caseloads with smart tools that save time and improve efficiency.

Scheduled Messages
Schedule texts to remind your clients of upcoming consultations and court dates.

Auto Replies
Create personalized auto replies for clients that text you during non-business hours.

Text Templates
Create reusable templates so you can quickly send standard messages such as appointment confirmations and reminders.

Dynamic Fields
Quickly personalize texts with client contact information.

dynamic fields for lawyer post

(Dynamic Fields)

Further, it’s easy to seamlessly integrate texting with your law firm’s CRM using Zipwhip’s Chrome Extension. Our intuitive texting software and API also integrate with Salesforce and over 750 other applications with Zapier.

5. Optimize billing accuracy for text conversations

Maintain a system of record to get a clear picture of all client communications. With date and time stamps, law firms can track the day, time and duration of each text conversation for better billing accuracy. Ensure your firm never loses billable conversations by reducing text conversations on personal mobile devices by using business texting software. See how Zipwhip works.

6. Watch our text messaging best practices for lawyers webinar

Learn more about texting with this informative webinar. It covers best practices and common questions as they relate to texting for lawyers. Have you or your clients ever wondered, can lawyers text their clients or can texts be used in a court of law? Watch now on demand.

image for webinar about texting for lawyers

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