How Texting Software Helps New Salespeople Build Confidence and Hit Quotas

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There’s no such thing as easing into a sales role. When you’re new, you’ve got to hit the ground running while adjusting to the constant cycle of calling and emailing contacts, researching the ins and outs of what you’re selling, managing follow ups and overall learning what it means to sell.

While some may take quickly to the fast-paced nature of sales, others may need more time to get comfortable. If you have a few newbies on your sales team, here’s how texting-for-business software helps them adjust to their new roles and build confidence in their selling skills.

Help them close more sales

Hitting quota every month is hard work no matter how long you’ve been in a sales role. But for the less-seasoned folks on your team, reaching their sales goals might be more daunting at first. Help them start out strong with the right tools that can reach prospects faster and turn them into customers.

Phone calls and emails alone are traditionally used to connect with leads and prospects throughout the sales cycle, but with such low response rates, sales teams should also be incorporating texting into their outreach. Not only is it the preferred way consumers want to be reached, but texting can help teams close more deals.

A Zipwhip survey found that 73% of consumers want more businesses to text them and a separate report by sales automation solutions company Velocify states that prospects who receive texts convert at a 40% higher rate than those who don’t.

Give introverts a little oomph

It might seem like introverts aren’t cut out for sales because of the role’s need for constant prospecting, but the assumption isn’t true at all. Not all salespeople are naturally outgoing and being an introvert can actually be beneficial to an employee’s selling skills. Add a texting tool into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Take Angel Terriquez, an account executive on our team at Zipwhip. As an introvert, he credits texting as having helped him build prospect relationships organically.

“When I call someone especially it feels like a sales call. But when we’re texting and going back and forth in a natural conversation, it feels easier and it flows. That gives me confidence and really helps in building rapport.”

Texting is a way to help introverts break through any uncomfortable moments they may face during the constant cycle of communicating with prospects and lets the salesperson craft replies on their own terms. Without the added pressure of speaking on the phone, introverts can focus on closing the sale and avoid uneasiness they might have on a phone call.

Help make talking to strangers less weird

Speaking to strangers is the norm in a sales position, but for newcomers, this can be a difficult ask. It’s something that students in Baylor University’s Sports Strategy and Sales (S3) major didn’t enjoy about the sales process. Founded in 2004 to help train students for entry-level positions in the sports industry, the S3 program focuses on teaching students the basics of being in sales, which in the program’s early stages meant making up to 100 phone calls a day.

“This has been a difficult project for students to do in the past,” said Dr. Darryl Lehnus, director of the program. “Many times, [they] say, ‘I don’t want to do that in real life. I don’t want to make all those phone calls. I don’t want to talk to people I don’t know.’ And therefore, have left the track of professional selling for sports.”

After the S3 program added Zipwhip texting for business to its sales outreach, students’ sentiment changed and they began enjoying the sales process.

“I have young people saying, ‘I wasn’t thinking about doing sales work but now I am,’ because of the successes that they’re finding with sales by texting,” said Dr. Lenhus. “I think everybody in the class has made at least a sale by texting, solely by texting without a phone call even being involved. So now when they find that they can communicate with the world in the way they want to communicate and have success, they’re finding that [they] can do this.”

Use texting as a follow-up tool

Creating a regular outreach cadence is crucial in making sales. To build relationships with prospects and leads, salespeople must be crafty and intentional about when and how they make contact. Texting-for-business software is a fantastic follow-up tool thanks to scheduled text features.

For Zipwhip senior account executive Sawyer Ramsey, using texting to follow up with prospects has been super helpful.

“I can definitely say that texting has been a huge help for me to stay organized on follow ups and setting meetings. For example, I will ask if my prospect is okay with me sending them a scheduled text reminder. If so, they provide me their personal cell phone and I schedule the text to go out.”

If your team is already using sales management software for follow ups, certain texting-for-business tools offer their texting features as an add-on. It’s a convenient way to create a comprehensive outreach plan without sacrificing your current software. When researching texting tools, check out the product’s integrations page to see if your CRM is available.

Ease the pressure of learning a service or product while they sell

Answering prospect questions can be intimidating in the early stages of a new sales position when you’re still learning about the product or service. Texting eases the learning process for salespeople by giving them a buffer when fielding questions.

“It was definitely easier to be more direct and assertive over text as I was building my confidence,” Ramsey continues. “[It helped] being able to have time to find the right answer, instead of having to answer a question on the spot over the phone.”

Expertise in a product or service will come with time, and texting eases the pressure of not knowing the answer to a question right away.

Zipwhip business-texting software for your sales team

Texting for business is a powerful tool for new and veteran salespeople alike:

  • Build better relationships through conversational texting.
  • Gain more qualified prospects by sending personalized texts and inviting conversation around the contact’s needs.
  • Text from your computer or mobile phone using your existing business phone number to keep your personal and business contacts separate.
  • Speed up the sales cycle thanks to higher response rates when compared to phone calls and emails.

And no, having your team text from their personal phones doesn’t cut it. Using secure, dedicated software not only keeps your business safer from liability, but the right tools come with features that automate workflow and keep teams organized.

Click here to learn more about how texting-for-business features help businesses reach their customer communication goals.

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