10 Ways Texting Can Help Agencies Increase Productivity and Write More Insurance

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Today, your agency is struggling to communicate with customers – they don’t pick up the phone and rarely check their email. These traditional means of communication are just not as effective as they used to be. There is an easier way!

Texting is 4x more effective at reaching customers than phone calls or emails.

Customers love to text. It is non-disruptive, to-the-point and, most importantly, easy. By enabling your agency to text from your existing phone number, you can reach customers quickly and on their terms. By increasing communication efficiency and customer satisfaction, you can write more insurance, retain more customers, and improve agency productivity.

Here are 10 ways you can use texting at your agency today:

1. Text opted-in inbound leads immediately to increase your speed-to-lead and beat out competition.

2. Send billing reminders or past-due alerts via text and include a link to pay their bill. Make it easy for customers to pay right from their cell phones!

3. Schedule a text to be sent when it is time for a policy renewal. Increase renewal appointments and opportunities to upsell.

4. Prepare Happy Birthday texts for high-value customers to deepen personal connections and improve your retention rate.

5. Text a photo of the first page of a quote as soon as it is ready and request a phone call to go over the quote. Catch them while insurance is top of mind.

6. Be readily available for customers, even when you are on the phone or texting another customer. Texting enables your customers to reach you quickly and easily!

7. Send group texts to customers you have quoted but not closed. BCC group texting allows you to send one follow-up text to multiple leads at once (they won’t know they’re in a group).

8. Change your voicemail greeting and messages to “just text us back at this number” to increase inbound communications from customers while decreasing phone calls.

9. Ask customers to text in photos of VIN numbers to eliminate confusion or frustration in gathering the long number.

10. Let customers text photos of the sides of their home, claims damage or even documentation so they don’t have to go through the pain of attaching them to an email.Insurance agency texts


If you don’t have texting as an option for customers, you’re going to fall behind. Zipwhip is easy to implement and simple for you and your staff to learn. Not to mention, we’re insurance experts! We’ve been working with thousands of insurance agents for over 7 years.

Here’s what some agents have to say:

“Customers won’t answer a phone call while they’re at work but they’ll check their text messages. We’re able to complete policies and confirm appointments during the day because we’re reaching our customers in a way that’s convenient for them.”
– Rachelle Stange, Insurance Agency Owner


“We signed up for Zipwhip two weeks ago and already see a tremendous value. I have seen more kept appointments and rescheduled appointments using Zipwhip. Our contact rate has also gone up by utilizing Zipwhip Texting!”
– Todd Jackson, Insurance Agency Owner


“We get about 50-65 inbound texts a day, which has been growing recently. We are seeing more and more inbound texts requesting quotes. Our customers are very appreciative of the option to text us, too!”
– Peter Wilson, Insurance Agency Owner

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