Why Texting Works as a Lead Generation Tool

Texting is a proven tool to engage existing customers, but have you considered text messaging to generate leads for your business?

Adding texting to your list of lead generation tools casts a wider net to those in your target audience who may prefer to text you directly instead of calling your business or filling out a form online.

Offering the option to text is as easy as giving your audience the option to call when you text-enable your existing landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number. Once your phone number is set to send and receive texts, just add “Text or Call” any place your phone number is displayed to let customers get in touch with your business the way they prefer.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation (also known as lead gen) is the process of stirring interest and attracting people to your service or product to ultimately turn them into a customer.

Adopting lead generation marketing is important because it separates so-so leads from qualified leads and brings them directly to your business. Lead generation can be accomplished through print and digital advertisements, filling out online forms to download your business’ latest e-book, chatbots, etc.

Lead generation is tough for most businesses. HubSpot reports 61% of businesses find generating traffic and leads to be challenging.

But texting can help.

Why text message lead generation works

Your customers are on their mobile phones more than ever before, and they’re doing much more than placing calls. According to Pew Research Center, about one in five adults in the U.S. depends on only a smartphone to access the internet. And the number one thing people are doing on their phones? Texting.

Consumers love texting and they want businesses to use the medium to reach them. In a recent Zipwhip survey, 73% of respondents said they wished businesses would text them more.

If you’re not already texting your customers, it’s likely they’re being texted by your competition. In a separate Zipwhip report, 76% of consumers said they’ve received some kind of text message from a business.

How to generate leads with texting


Adding keywords to your advertisements is a great start to incorporating SMS lead generation. The keyword method brings information about your business directly to the consumer’s texting app.

You’ve seen keywords in ads telling us to “Text INFO to 567-77 for more information” or “Text FUN to 767-99 to enter to win!” We then get an instant reply that includes the incentive we were promised.

Consumers want to engage with keywords because they’re getting something valuable in return for texting your business: more information, a chance to win a contest, a coupon, etc.

To create an engaging keyword campaign, have only one call to action at a time and always offer your audience something they will find useful. An auto-reply message should be set up to instantly provide a friendly hello with an offer such as a link to your website or a code for their coupon to redeem on their next visit.

Conversational texting

Businesses commonly use short codes to text their customers, which are five or six-digit numbers in place of a 10-digit phone number. Short codes are a good option for businesses that send a high volume of texts and they’re commonly used to deliver keyword campaigns.

For the most part, short codes don’t offer the option to engage in a real-time conversation with your audience. The lack of choice creates an obstacle for a majority of consumers – in Zipwhip’s State of Texting report, three in five said that it’s frustrating when they can’t reply to a business’ text message.

And from a budget standpoint, leasing a short code can be expensive, costing anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a month.

Texting from your existing 10-digit landline, VoIP or toll-free number lets you still use a keyword feature but gives you the ability to pop in and take over the customer’s text if they ask a question. Doing so helps establish a positive relationship with your lead and can eventually convert them into a customer.

Keeping track of it all: Zipwhip and Telmetrics Integration for analytics

Tracking your texting lead generation efforts is essential if you’re trying to grow your business. Analyzing data, such as engagement, helps measure your advertising spend and allows you to determine which Keyword campaigns are more popular with leads.

Get it done with Zipwhip and our Telmetrics integration. Text-enable your existing phone number with Zipwhip’s business texting features, including Keywords, Group Texting and Auto-reply, and add Telmetrics to measure the effectiveness of your text and call campaigns. Get the integration here.

Interested in checkout out the Zipwhip platform? Text-enable your phone number today and test us out for free.

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