Here’s How Fitness Franchises Use Texting to Increase Client Engagement

If you run a fitness or wellness facility, you know how critical it is to provide quality customer service while driving business goals. The challenge comes with finding one affordable, central and universal communication channel that is conducive to both of these objectives.

Many fitness centers and gyms struggle to keep classes full despite long waitlists. Clients aren’t notified quickly enough of openings, so there’s a disconnect between waitlists and actual class capacity. Employees call members to notify them of openings but end up playing phone tag. They might send an alert via email, but there’s no guarantee clients will see it buried beneath hundreds of other emails. This results in frustrated clients and exasperated employees.

Luckily, more and more businesses have discovered the effectiveness of text messaging as their central mode of client communication. Not only is it the preferred method of communication for consumers, but it’s also easier for your staff to adopt and implement.

Here are specific examples of how gyms, studios, salons and wellness destinations use texting today to improve business and the overall customer experience. Build an opt-in list, and use these tips and watch your business grow.

Fill more classes and reduce no-shows

A texting integration with MINDBODY might just solve all of your waitlist woes. Automatically notify waitlisted clients of class openings to make sure every class is filled to capacity, and reduce no-shows with scheduled class or appointment reminders. Texts are inherently high priority, so the chances that your messages are read will be significantly higher than calls or emails.

Answer billing questions and send payment reminders

When people know they’re late on payments, they’ll avoid confrontation at all costs. Avoid the awkwardness and shoot them a text instead. This allows them to quickly and easily resolve any billing issues. You can also schedule payment reminders via text, so people never forget to pay on time.

Send personalized inspiration

Engage and motivate clients by texting helpful tips, inspirational articles or quotes, new class announcements and more. Texting allows you to reach clients while they’re on the go, so it’s easier to develop relationships with them. You can even save time by sending group BCC texts with dynamic fields. In other words, an instructor can text all of their students a personalized inspiring quote at once.

Promote deals and increase reviews

Share exclusive discounts, sales, announcements and more with clients on your texting list. You can also get more reviews by texting people the link to your Yelp or Facebook page. Opening yourself up to real-time feedback in a conversational way will result in a more human response.

Follow up with prospects

Texting is less intrusive and lower pressure than a phone call, so it’s typically better received with prospective new clients. Since it’s still conversational by nature, it feels more personalized than a scripted call or robotic email. You can also schedule membership renewal reminders to current clients, which increases retention.

Automatically respond to every message

Your clients are your first priority – make sure they feel that in every interaction with fast response times. Setting up auto-replies allows you to respond to every inquiry, even after hours, and pre-drafting templated texts helps your staff respond to FAQs lightning fast.

Stop playing phone tag and improve your client communication with a free trial of Zipwhip today. Want to learn more about our integration with MINDBODY? Check it out here.

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