Texting Apps, Extensions and APIs, Oh My! Which is Right for My Business?

So, you’ve decided to start using Texting for Business to reach your customers. With Zipwhip, you get access to a full suite of software and you may be wondering: Which of Zipwhip’s platforms is right for my business?

That all depends on how you want to text.

Zipwhip’s applications share platform features like Dynamic Fields, Group Messaging and Templates to help you manage conversations and respond to customers quickly. Plus, Zipwhip offers browser extensions and APIs to give you even more options for account access and customization.

Check out what each has to offer and how you can use them to improve your workflow:

Desktop App

Zipwhip is proud to offer the industry’s first-ever Texting for Business desktop app. Now, you can use all the power and functionality of our web app, with a few more perks, from the convenience of your desktop.

This option is great for anyone who spends a lot of time working in front of their computer, needs to communicate by text on an ongoing basis, and typically has numerous tabs open within their web browser. Common roles that prefer our desktop app are inside-sales representatives, customer service, support or marketing employees.

Zipwhip desktop app dashboard

If you’ve ever had that jolt of panic wondering if you logged back into your account after lunch, or kept needing to remind yourself to check your messages when working on another project, then you can kick back and let the desktop app take on those tasks.

In addition to all Zipwhip software features like Auto Replies and Custom Signature, we’ve added auto launch on startup, push notifications and background activity to help you streamline your workflow and free up your personal bandwidth to better respond to customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Auto launch on startup: Stay logged in and keep the app running in the background while you work
  • Icon displayed on your dock or taskbar: Say goodbye to digging through a sea of web browser tabs and keep it simple
  • Badge notifications and push notifications: Never miss a message with these tiny but mighty alerts
  • Available on both Windows and Mac

Superlative: Most Visible

Web App

Our web app is a classic. It’s versatile and provides easy access to your account wherever you need it—at work, on the road and at home.

That freedom was useful for the sales-team-in-training at Baylor University. Students majoring in Sports Strategy and Sales could sell tickets to fans in their dedicated class time and carry those conversations with them to the next class and throughout the day. With the web app, you’re never tied to one computer.

Zipwhip web application on Apple Mac computer

If you share one computer with your team for scheduling and communication, don’t have a dedicated work computer where you can download a new app, or you simply need to access your account from wherever you are—this app is for you.

Key Benefits:

  • Online log in: The web app is browser based and isn’t tied to one computer, so you can access your account from any device whenever and wherever you need it
  • Cloud archives: Zipwhip archives your conversations and presets on the cloud so you can always access your contacts and settings
  • Automatically updated features: When we roll out new features, you’ll find them already loaded onto your web app
  • No downloads necessary

Superlative: Most Accessible

Mobile App

Working from the field? Use our mobile app and access your texting tools from anywhere.

Using the native texting app on your personal phone to directly text customers is not best practice. Not only will it require you to re-introduce yourself from a new number, it opens you up to security, privacy and TCPA compliance risks. After all, your customers only opted-in to communications from your business’s 10-digit number.

Plus, texting customers through a personal phone means no manager-oversight, no conversation records on the main platform and no access to features like BCC group messaging and scheduled appointment reminders.

Businesses have learned that keeping personal and professional text messages (and phone numbers) separate, secure and organized by using a dedicated Texting for Business app is the only way to go.

Zipwhip mobile app displayed on iOS and Android phone

Zipwhip’s mobile app is a great option for anyone who has to be out and about for the majority of their workday. If you’re showing houses to prospective buyers as a real estate agent or you’re a landscaper who can’t work when you’re stuck at the desk replying to customers, a mobile app allows you to text from the field.

Key Benefits:

  • Portable: Keep all the features of Zipwhip in your pocket and stay connected when you’re out and about.
  • Smartphone camera: Use your phone’s camera to snap, share and forward photos to your customers.
  • Texting for Business software: Protect the data and privacy of both you and your customer. Stay compliant by ensuring that your texts are being distributed from the number that customers opted-in to receive messages from.
  • Available for both Android and iOS

Superlative: Most Likely to Travel

Browser Extensions

Zipwhip’s browser extensions enable you to text any mobile phone number found in any web page, including web-based CRMs and web apps, from your Zipwhip account.

That’s great news for anyone who finds themselves constantly switching between their CRM, Microsoft Office Online documents and other web pages to organize information for a customer.

Zipwhip browser extension pop up chat from email

Our browser extensions can help you manage and organize your conversations even when your information is spread across programs and systems.

Insurance carriers and claims adjusters are some professions that get a lot out of our browser extensions. They can quickly and easily engage with insureds and continue to use features like MMS, Templates and Scheduled Messages when following up on outstanding claims, setting up a time to speak on the phone or answering questions about documentation.

Plus, keeping your text communications on one secure platform (and texting through one official business number) allows you to oversee and track communications to minimize potential privacy, legal and compliance risks.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily pairs with CRMs and web apps: No more toggling! Just click the little orange “Z” near a mobile number to launch a Zipwhip chat from your browser.
  • Seamless texting: Improve your workflow with smooth and intuitive transitions.
  • Organized: Easily manage your conversations and contacts with the same Zipwhip features like BCC group messaging, autofill and contact lists.
  • Available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge Chromium

Superlative: Most Convenient for Tab Control


If your business wants to conduct high throughput programmatic messages, look no further than the Zipwhip SMS API.

And, if you want to engage in two-way texting with customers — like they prefer — you can combine forces with our API + Software package.

Zipwhip offers both options, so you can choose the development path that’s right for you.

The API + Software package offers an advantage to businesses that distribute a large volume of texts, such as mortgage and insurance offices that offer instant quotes via online forms. Including conversational and programmatic texting offers more value and efficiency to your customers.

Zipwhip’s easy-to-implement API comes with extensive documentation to save your developers time and money. You can leverage platform analytics and our Developer Documentation page to integrate texting into your software more efficiently.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailor it to your needs: Add what you need to integrate texting functionality while maintaining control over your CRM or software program
  • High throughput and secure messaging: Zipwhip’s direct carrier partnerships and SOC 2 Type 1 certified platform ensure your messages will be delivered quickly and securely.
  • Scale as you grow: If you decide to start small, you can easily upgrade to the API + Software bundle later to add two-way texting.

Superlative: Most Customizable

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to Texting for Business. Luckily, you don’t have to choose just one!

Zipwhip’s full suite of apps can be used interchangeably and easily integrate into the tools you use every day. No matter which one you decide to use, each of our texting apps was made to help you reach your customers faster and more effectively.

Want to give one a try, or better yet, sample them all?

Sign up for our free trial to take our apps and extensions for a test drive.

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