Still Waiting for a Customer Response? This Tool Accelerates Collections, Claims and Other Business Processes

Whether you’re an account manager, collections and billing specialist, claims representative or in a similar role, you’ve likely adjusted to the reality that your business process flow is in a constant state of limbo. You spend lots of time chasing down customers or clients to make payments, provide missing documents or information, and then you wait – wait for a phone call or email to be returned so you can complete the process and move on to your next task.

But what can you do? Response rates for calls and emails are dismal and there’s no magic wand to make someone reply faster. Maybe it’s time to adopt another communication tool; one that has a 98% open rate and yields a response rate that’s nearly just as high. Let’s get you acquainted with texting-for-business software.

What is business-texting software?

Texting-for-business software is a texting tool designed to speed up communication between businesses and their customers. Texting from a personal number can keep you chained to a phone, but software makes workflow easier and much more efficient by letting you text from a computer using your existing business number.

Employees love business-texting software because it brings processes to completion faster and helps them stay organized with task automation features, like scheduled messages, auto-replies and keyword-triggered responses. Texting-for-business is the business process management tool teams need to send reminders, follow-ups and gather information without the long wait times.

How texting solves the daily challenges in completing business processes

Getting customers or clients to reply to your emails or phone calls is a never-ending struggle, but here‘s how texting will change the way you communicate with your audience and actually get them to reply to your requests faster.

Accelerate customer or client response times

Your audience is busy throughout the day: they’re working, at doctor’s appointments, at their kid’s taekwondo practice, having lunch with friends. You know, living their lives. It’s hard for people to pause what they’re doing and have a phone conversation or sift through the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of messages in their inbox just to reply to your quick question or send you a document. And let’s not forget that people are ignoring unwanted calls now more than ever.

People haven’t gotten ruder; we all just prefer a different way to communicate throughout the day. The same can be said for businesses and their customers. In a recent Zipwhip survey, 73% of participants said they wished more businesses would use texting to communicate with them.

It’s easier for someone to send a text without disrupting what they’re doing. And as for ignored messages, it doesn’t happen as often with the medium. Texting puts messages front and center of the recipient’s attention, eliciting an urgent response, which is why it’s become so helpful in bringing business processes to completion faster. Here are just a few examples of how texting accelerates communication.

  • Confirm paperwork is properly filled out. Have your clients text their documents to you with multimedia messaging service (MMS) texting. Snapping a photo and hitting send lets you point out mistakes or missing signatures before paperwork gets dropped in the mailbox.
  • File claims quicker. Sharing photos and videos over email is difficult when files are too large. Avoid the inconvenience and let clients send media right away from the site of an accident.
  • Reduce the need for “a quick call.” Send customers a text instead of playing phone tag with them when you need a quick yes or no, or a small piece of information, like a home address or date of birth.
  • Or schedule a long call. Instead of wasting time with missed calls or lost emails to confirm availability, just send a text.

Ease uncomfortable conversations about bill collections

One of the more popular use cases for texting is making uncomfortable conversations a little less uncomfortable for both the bill collector and customer. People don’t like talking about money to begin with, and they’re definitely not going to take a call about money when they’re at the office or with friends or family. Texting is a discreet way to have sensitive conversations during the day without requiring someone to step out of their environment or feel embarrassed about what those around them may hear.

The exchange is less stressful for the customer because they can have the conversation on their terms through text and then move on. And the process for the bill collector is more efficient; instead of facing ignored call after ignored call, they can get the answer they need right away.

Manage multiple conversations and projects at once

Texting-for-business software is an ideal business process management tool. Text conversations are stored on a centralized platform so you can quickly access customer or client history and easily have multiple conversations at once. Instead of being constrained to one phone call at a time, you can pop in and out of several texting conversations without placing someone on hold or feeling like you’re ignoring someone.

Plus, task automation tools help you stay on top of every active process with message scheduling. Set up text reminders and check-ins with your customers or clients to provide stellar customer service on a regular cadence and build strong relationships to increase customer retention.

Zipwhip business-texting software – How our customers complete business processes faster

Ready to stop waiting for phone calls to be returned and emails to be answered? Get your audience to reply almost instantly to your messages with Zipwhip’s business-texting software. It expedites workflow with automated and scheduled messages, eliminates phone tag, lets customers send and receive photos of important documents and much more. Stay organized, never miss a beat and improve audience engagement with Zipwhip.

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Learn more about Zipwhip and our business-texting features here.

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