For recruiting and staffing companies, working efficiently means sharing information with clients and job candidates as quickly as possible. Job seekers expect speed and convenience when connecting with recruiters. Texting fits that bill and it’s more discreet than phone calls which is appreciated by employed candidates who are job searching.

Help employers with staffing shortages

As the pandemic continues to recede as more people get vaccinated, consumers are eager to return to restaurants, shops and other in-person events to do the things they enjoyed before COVID-19 upended their lives. This increased consumer demand is great for businesses, but many employers are finding it difficult to fill open positions.

With so much competition, staffing companies are finding that texting is the easiest way to share information about job openings with their client lists. Using group texting to let job seekers know when new opportunities are available speeds up the hiring process.

When an interested candidate responds to a group text, the recruiter and candidate can carry on a two-way conversation to take the next steps in the process. Learn more about the time-saving features included with business texting.

Texting helps recruiters fill positions faster

When it comes to matching the right people with the right positions, recruiters and staffing professionals can use business texting to share information easily.

Data cited on shows that 43% of smartphone owners have used their devices to look up information about a job. If you’re not using SMS to reach potential candidates, you’re missing out on a powerful communications tool.

recruiter text message

Create a great candidate experience with text templates for staffing and recruiting

Templates are useful when you know you’ll be sending the same message multiple times—like interview confirmations, reminders and post-interview recap requests.

Texting with job candidates also makes it easy to stay organized. Conversation histories are stored under each contact’s details, making it convenient for others in your organization to step in and respond if the original recruiter isn’t available. 

It’s not just the staffing industry that benefits from texting’s ease of use; 73% of job seekers say they want to receive targeted jobs via text messaging.

Texting also provides peace of mind for job candidates. Being kept in the loop about the progress or status of a candidacy can calm frazzled nerves. It also serves as a fast and convenient outreach method for the recruiter.

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15 text templates for staffing and recruiting

The following text templates cover the most common use cases recruiters and staffing agencies encounter. The templates are formatted with brackets to work with Zipwhip’s Dynamic Fields feature that automatically personalizes each message. However, you can easily edit the templates to best fit your needs.

Job announcement

Hi [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Company]. A client of ours in CITY has a JOB TITLE position open. Would you be interested in learning about it? If so, I can send you the details.

text from recruiter

Interview availability

Hi [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Company]. Are you available for an interview next week with COMPANY? Please reply to this message with your availability.

Interview confirmation

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Company]. I’m confirming your interview for DATE at TIME. Please bring your resume and a photo ID. Here is the address:

Interview reminder

Hi [First Name]. This is a reminder about your interview with COMPANY on DATE at TIME. If you need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible. [My First Name] from [Company]

Re-schedule interview

Hi [First Name]. We apologize for the change, but COMPANY needs to reschedule your interview. Are you available on DATE AND TIME instead? [My First Name] from [Company]

Interview follow-up

Hi [First Name]. I hope everything went well during your interview today. Please let us know how it went. We look forward to hearing from you. [My First Name] from [Company]

Job offered

Good news, [First Name]! You’ve been offered the job with COMPANY. More details will be sent to you in a separate message, but I wanted to congratulate you on this wonderful achievement. [My First Name] at [Company]

No job offered

Hi [First Name]. Unfortunately, the hiring manger chose another candidate for the position with COMPANY. I know this is difficult news, but there will be other opportunities in the future. I’ll let you know about upcoming positions that fit your qualifications. I’m sorry things didn’t work out this time. [My First Name] at [Company]

Document request

Hi [First Name]. Please send a digital copy of your DOCUMENT so we can proceed with your employment application. Let me know if you have any questions. [My First Name] at [Company]

staffing quote

Job fair follow-up

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Company]. We received your resume at the recent job fair and wanted to know a good time to set up a phone interview. Please provide a few dates and times that work for you.

Job starting reminder

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Company]. Please confirm that you’re all set to work at COMPANY on DAY at TIME by replying to this text. Thank you.

Assignment ending

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Company]. The JOB TITLE assignment is ending today. Thank you for your hard work! Please text or call this number if you have any questions.

Timecard reminder

Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name] from [Company]. This is a friendly reminder to submit your timecard by the end of the day today.

Candidate referral

Hi [First Name]. We hope you’re enjoying your new job. If you have friends who are interested in a new position as well, please share their contact info with us to be entered into our referral bonus program. [My First Name] from [Company]

Online review request

Hi [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Company]. Thank you for letting us help you find your new job. We would appreciate if you could share your experience with others by leaving a review on this online review site:

Text templates make scheduling appointments and sending reminders easy

Making sure candidates arrive on time is crucial for running a successful agency. Missed interviews are frustrating for employers and recruiters who do their best to ensure job candidates have all the information they need to be prepared for interviews.

Using templates to send texts that can be scheduled in advance is an effective way to streamline operations, improve efficiency and maintain a consistent brand message.

text template example

More resources available: online, on-demand video and downloadable e-book

Zipwhip’s texting software and API solutions help recruiters and staffing agencies connect with candidates quickly, easily and privately. To learn more, visit our online texting for staffing and recruiting resource page. And for a quick look at common use cases, see how to reach candidates faster and ensure that your messages are seen.

On-demand webinar: Texting for Recruitment and Staffing 101
This 30-minute webinar covers how texting can speed up the pre-screening process, reduce phone tag, alert candidates about new job opportunities, send interview reminders and more. Watch it now.

E-book: The Ultimate Guide to Texting for Staffing and Recruiting
Download the e-book to learn how business texting can help you engage candidates more efficiently, what to look for when evaluating texting tools, how to automate everyday tasks like interview scheduling and document collection and more.

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