Engage Customers with SMS: 9 Ready-to-Use Text Templates for Sales

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How do people react when you approach them about a sales opportunity? Are they open to your sales pitch and want to learn more? Or, do they put up roadblocks the more you try to convince them? Their reaction might just depend on how you start the conversation.

How you execute a sales strategy, the messages you convey and the tools you use to get your points across can have an impact on your success rate. Starting off on the right foot can mean the difference between a soft yes, where the door is open for engagement or a hard no, where the door is closed with little chance of it opening. Using a well-crafted text message to knock first is an easy, affordable and effective way to start a successful dialog.

Build relationships with your sales prospects by texting

Texting is an intimate medium, making it ideal for building trust and nurturing relationships. Rather than calling prospects individually, sending a group text that has been personalized for each recipient using Dynamic Fields cuts down on the number of sales calls you make each day. It also generates qualified leads based on who replies. From there, you can arrange a time to speak by phone or keep texting as you develop the customer relationship.

Whether your sales team is focused on inside sales or outside sales, online sales or retail sales, business-to-business sales or business-to-consumer sales, SMS text messaging can help you reach individuals who are most receptive to your message. Regardless of which stage of the sales cycle you’re in, texting can help move the conversation to the next level.

Best practices: texting for sales outreach

It’s important to keep these texting tips in mind when sending messages to sales prospects.

  • Get consent: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires companies to get consent before texting consumers. For guidance on two-way texting, download our free e-book on TCPA compliance.
  • Provide value: If your text messages don’t speak to the concerns or pain points of your customers, you’re not providing value and your messages will most likely be ignored.
  • Use call-to-actions (CTAs): Provide a clear directive on what the sales prospect should do next. Would you like them to reply to the text, link to more information or call you?
  • Respond personally: SMS texting is a two-way communication tool. Use it to connect with your sales audience. Listen to what they have to say in response to your message.
  • Be respectful of the time: Send texts during traditional business hours. Consider the time zone of the sales prospect and whether you’ll be available to respond if they reply.

9 copy-and-paste text templates for sales

A text message is a quick, non-obtrusive way for a salesperson to explain the value of their product or service. It’s also an easy way to follow up with leads and stay connected during the sales cycle.

If you’re a Zipwhip customer, copy and paste the “plain text” of each text template below into your text widow. Words in brackets are Dynamic Fields that automatically customize your message whether it’s a one-to-one text or a text sent to a group of up to 100 sales contacts.

If you’re not a customer, learn about the benefits of business texting by visiting our sales resources page. To further leverage the speed and efficiency of SMS, texting features can be integrated into CRMs such as Salesforce, SalesLoft and Pipedrive. Here are some effective text templates for sales to get you started.


Start your text conversation with a brief introduction and explain the value you can provide to your sales prospects.

Introduction text message

Hi, [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. Are you available for a short call to discuss [Custom Field 2]? Please let me know if you’re interested by replying to this message. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.

Building sales relationships

Send this text when you don’t need to ask for anything but you want to stay connected and keep the lines of communication open from a sales standpoint.

Sales building relationships text

Hi, [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. I just wanted to check in to see if you have any questions about [Custom Field 1]. I’m available for a quick call or text conversation if you’d like. You can text or call me at this number: [My Phone Number]. Have a great day!

Scheduling appointments

Say goodbye to phone tag. This text is a real time-saver. A salesperson can request the date and time a prospect will be available for a phone call or in-person appointment.

Text scheduling appointments

Hi, [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. Please let me know what time works best for us to discuss [Custom Field 1]. I’m available weekdays between __ am and __ pm. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sending reminders and confirmations

Send texts to confirm appointments or send reminders about upcoming appointments to keep your sales on track.

Reminder text for sales

Hi, [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. I just wanted to remind you about our appointment on [Custom Field 1] to discuss [Custom Field 2]. I look forward to speaking with you.

Quick sales follow-up

Never leave a prospect hanging. Send a message to follow up on an issue about a sales opportunity that you discussed previously.

Follow-up text for sales

Hi, [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. I just wanted to follow up on [Custom Field 1]. Feel free to text or call [My Phone Number] at your convenience.

Free trial touchpoint

Strike while the iron’s hot. This text is helpful to send during and after a free trial of your product or service when a sale is most likely to be made.

Free trial for sales follow-up

Hi, [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. I wanted to check in with you to see how you’re enjoying the free trial of [Custom Field 2]. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m always happy to jump on a call if needed.

Sales cadence touchpoint

Throughout the sales cycle, sending a touchpoint text can keep the conversation moving in the right direction. It allows you to answer questions and address any concerns in real time.

Sales cadence text

Hi, [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. I just wanted to see if you have any questions or concerns about [Custom Field 2]. Feel free to reply to this text or let me know a good time to call. I want to make your experience the best it can be.

Follow up after product demo

After an online product demo or one done in-person, a follow-up text sent that afternoon or the next day is a great time to reach out about a sale when the product details are fresh in their mind.

Sales demo follow-up

Hi, [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. Thanks for allowing me to show you a demo of our [Custom Field 1]. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Text or call [My Phone Number] at your convenience.

Abandoned shopping cart

After a customer has started the checkout process online but stopped short of finalizing their order, a no-pressure text message can encourage them to go back and complete the sale.

Abandoned cart follow-up

Hi, [First Name]. This is [My First Name] from [Custom Field 1]. We noticed you started to order [Custom Field 2] on our website. Is there anything we can do to assist you in completing the order? If you have any questions, please reply to this text for personal assistance.

Maintain steady outreach to convert sales prospects into customers

Texting is the future of business communication. Sales cold calls are never easy to make. Not to mention, fewer people are answering their phone these days. A staggering 96% of consumers find phone calls to be disruptive. That’s not just a sales pitch, we have the customer data to prove it. Our downloadable e-book, Why Your Customers Don’t Answer the Phone Anymore, is an eye-opening look at how consumer preferences and their communication habits are changing.

Want to see even more free text templates? Check out our blog post: 56 Text Templates Businesses Can Use Right Now

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