Drive customer engagement and loyalty by using dynamic fields to customize group text messages

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Nowadays, consumers expect personalization. In fact, they demand it. Offering a generic, mass-reproduced customer experience fails to capture the interest and loyalty of the majority.

While the possibilities for personalization in the world of AI are endless, complex new technology can be overwhelming and a heavy lift for your company to adopt. But implementing something as easy as personalized SMS texts into your communication cadence can make a tremendous difference in consumers’ view of your brand.

Customizing your group texts with dynamic fields makes your communication feel more human – even if it’s automated. If your landline, VoIP or toll-free number is text enabled, customers can always respond back to get a real person. It’s this kind of personal touch that breeds brand loyalty and engaged customers.

What are dynamic fields?

Dynamic fields automatically pull contact details like name, email, job title, etc. into a text message. This feature also allows users to populate their own contact details, such as name and company, into a message and provides custom fields for other relevant data like account number, account type, and more.

Can you use templates with dynamic fields?

Dynamic fields are often used in conjunction with templates to personalize mass SMS texts. Easily automate responses to customers and personalize group texts by inserting dynamic fields into pre-existing templates. Make billing reminders and follow-ups seem less robotic by inserting a dynamic field like [first name] into your billing template.

How does it work?

Regardless of whether you are in a new text or existing template, dynamic fields will automatically populate existing contact details into your message. Just click the dynamic fields drop down and select the field you’d like to include. See below.
Message template with dynamic text fields
Text message compose box with dynamic fields in Zipwhip

How to use dynamic fields and templates

Dynamic fields can save time and resources. Instead of customizing each individual text for an appointment, you can now remind many customers at once while maintaining personalization.

  • Automate follow up: Schedule a message with dynamic fields ahead of time to remind customers of an upcoming appointment or billing date
  • Increase productivity: Quickly respond to customer inquiries and FAQs by creating pre-written dynamic templates
  • Personalize communication: Build rapport and let customers know you value their business by personalizing your communication using their name and other unique details

Effective group text message templates for your business

  1. Hi [First Name], this is [My First Name]. Your dental appointment is tomorrow at [Custom Field 1].  Reply “C” to confirm or “R” to reschedule.
  2. Hi [First Name], you have an outstanding bill which was due [Custom Field 1].  Please give us a call at [My Phone Number] to get that taken care of at your earliest convenience.
  3. Hi [First Name], I just sent over the required documents for your signature to [My Email]. Please confirm that you’ve received our email. We need the signed documents in order to proceed.
  4. Hi [First Name], we are looking forward to our interview tomorrow at [Custom Field 1]. Our address is [Custom Field 2]. Please text if anything comes up.

Offering a personalized customer experience doesn’t end after you send the text. Short-code texting doesn’t allow text recipients to respond, which instantly reveals your attempt at personalization as inauthentic. In contrast, toll-free, VoIP and landline texting does allow for two-way human interaction – further cementing the positive customer experience and reinforcing that brand affinity.

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