Now Available: Custom Fields Features That Improve Workflow Integration

We’re giving customers more freedom to keep organized and manage compliance across team workflows when using Zipwhip’s Custom Fields feature for contacts.

Last month, we increased the character limit for Custom Fields from 50 to 255 for all customers. Today, we’ve added two new features that are available upon request for Enterprise and other qualified customers: required field entries and the ability to rename Custom Fields.

Why did we make these changes?

Our Custom Fields feature lets businesses quickly personalize messages by selecting any contact information to include dynamically, such as a customer claim number, account number, case number or a product reference number.

Despite the flexibility, however, there were some areas we needed to improve upon, specifically for our enterprise customers looking to ensure consistency and compliance in capturing customer data across their organization. As a result, it was important that we enhanced our Custom Fields feature to better suit their unique workflow.

Breaking down the changes

Below, we detail what we changed, where these updates are available and who can access them.

Character limit increase

We’ve increased the character allotment in Custom Fields from 50 to 255 to address a critical limitation to team workflow.  With this update, all Zipwhip customers can now seamlessly sync contact information with their existing Line of Business (LOB)  system.

This is especially beneficial for insurance carriers, who can now store  important  data like Claim Number and Policy Underwriting Company from their  LOB systems (like Guidewire).

In addition to insurance,  this enhancement can also be a valuable tool for industries such as healthcare, staffing, financial services and legal.

All customers can access this new feature from desktop, web, mobile, browser extensions, texting widget and from our API.

Rename custom fields

Customers can now rename any Custom Field in Contact Details to prompt users to enter data under a common label. For example, Custom Field 1 can be changed to Claim Number.

The update makes it easier to organize contact information by creating consistency across a company where data is routinely captured.

Rename Labels in Customizable Fields

Rename fields at the contact level to stay organized and improve reporting.

This feature is available upon request via desktop, web, browser extension and texting widget.

Required Custom Field

Companies can now create mandatory fields (such as a claim number) in their customer’s Contact Details. This feature was added to help teams create better reporting and to ensure compliance across workflows.

For example, any communication from an insurance claim business to an insured must be in the context of a claim. Our customers told us that the ability to require a claim number before contacting an insured was a much-needed addition to their compliance practices when using Zipwhip.

Required fields for text message with insureds

Marking fields as required helps ensure compliance with insureds.

This feature is available upon request via desktop, web, browser extension and texting widget.

How can my business use these updated features?

To illustrate how businesses can best leverage these features, the following example details them in action:

An IT admin at an insurance company wants to enforce compliance best practices across the company’s workflow by ensuring that every communication to the insured is in the context of a claim.

To accomplish this, they can now require that every  claims agent enter a claim number in the insured’s contact card before another user can initiate or respond to a text conversation.

When a claims agent wants to text an insured, they won’t be able to send a message until the Claim Number field is completed.  The claims agent will see a message in the software alerting them that the field must be filled out.

The required Claim Number field also simplifies the IT admin’s monthly reporting. They can now pull a report that shows  the average cycle time for every claim, including any communication via text messages.

To request these enhanced Custom Fields features, contact your Account Manager.

Learn more about how Zipwhip plays a critical role in providing the simple, frictionless, world-class customer experience today’s insureds expect by visiting our Insurance page.

And read about how our integration with Guidewire ClaimCenter reduces claim-processing time and improves customer communication by visiting our Marketplace page.

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