Reach Fitness Clients Fast With the Enhanced Zipwhip for ClubReady Integration

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Did you know 87% of fitness businesses today use texting to communicate with members and prospects? Texting is a quick, efficient way to share information — and it’s the way fitness goers prefer to be contacted. In our recent survey of the fitness industry, studio members chose texting as their preferred form of communication for every type of message presented, including billing reminders, class updates, studio announcements and words of encouragement.

Zipwhip + ClubReady

Now, Zipwhip is integrated with ClubReady, one of the leading providers of fitness and wellness club management software and services, making texting with members easier than ever. The partnership integrates Zipwhip’s Texting for Business solution directly within ClubReady’s club-management software, allowing fitness organizations to text-enable their existing business phone numbers and manage text conversations across one or multiple locations.

With Zipwhip for ClubReady, fitness organizations can text clients without ever leaving their ClubReady application. New and unread texts appear in a convenient Zipwhip Inbox displayed directly on the ClubReady Dashboard, while all outbound and inbound texts are archived and logged in real-time within ClubReady Leadspeak. Additionally, ClubReady users can send and receive messages directly from the Workit tab and view the message history for a selected contact.

Features of Zipwhip’s embedded texting widget include:

  • Group Messaging – Notify an entire class of a cancellation, follow up with first-time class attendees or reach multiple prospects at once, with a bulk text.
  • Automated Class/Appointment Reminders – Ensure clients don’t miss a class or appointment with scheduled text reminders.
  • Automated Waitlist Notifications – Let members know about class openings right away. Waitlist text reminders ensure classes are always full.
  • Message Sync – Archive all inbound and outbound texts automatically as Activities in LeadSpeak and Notes in Workit.
  • Contact Sync – Auto-sync contacts between ClubReady and Zipwhip.

Want to see Zipwhip for ClubReady in action? Sign up for a demo.

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