Stay Connected With Customers on the Go Using Zipwhip Mobile

Zipwhip’s web and desktop apps are the fast, easy and convenient way businesses can reach audiences via text without being tethered to their mobile phones. Your thumbs don’t have to bear the burden of sending large volumes of texts, and you can enjoy the convenience of zipping back and forth between conversations from a larger screen.

Texting from your computer offers lots of comfy benefits, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore Zipwhip’s tools for mobile devices. We designed our mobile apps to supplement the Zipwhip features you use every day on your desktop. Without mobile, you’re missing out on the full Zipwhip experience. Here’s why should download our mobile apps if you haven’t already.

Keep the momentum going and never miss a message

The greatest advantage of using Zipwhip for mobile is that you can continue conversations on the go. If you’re in the middle of a time-sensitive conversation with a customer but need to head out to a meeting, you can keep the momentum going from your phone or tablet. And with mobile notifications, you don’t have to stress about missing important messages or leaving customers hanging after you’ve shut your laptop.

Share and receive photos faster

By leveraging your device’s camera, you can snap and send images to your customers faster than on your desktop. It’s very similar to how you interact with photos on your phone’s messaging app.

  • Tap images to see full screen, pinch to zoom for a better look and rotate for a landscape view.
  • If you receive multiple images from a customer, you can quickly scroll through all the attachments in the conversation.
  • Need to forward a photo from a conversation? Just long press on the image to copy and paste, or tap the photo then tap the share icon in the upper right corner to save the image to your device or send to other mobile applications, like email.

Photo sharing from your phone is a cinch with Zipwhip mobile. Here’s how one of our clients uses photo sharing on mobile for their veterinary clinic.

Stay organized

When you’re away from your computer, it can be easy to let your messages run wild. Zipwhip mobile apps make it easy to keep everything organized, even when you get a message from a new contact.

  • Long press on a new number to add their name or edit an existing contact. The same can be done for groups.
  • Long press on a message within the conversation to mark it as read or unread.

You can leave notes about your contacts within the app, and any changes made on the go will automatically sync thanks to our cloud-based software. Everything stays up to date and accessible to the rest of the team.

Keep business contacts separate on your phone

Our apps let you text customers from your phone without using your personal cell number. It’s a great way to keep your business contacts and personal communication separate while staying on one mobile device. Plus, if you use Zipwhip to communicate with your team, you can continue keeping your personal phone number private by using your designated business number on our mobile app.

Download Zipwhip mobile apps on iOS or Android

If you use the messaging app from your phone’s operating system, you pretty much already know how to use the Zipwhip mobile apps. So go ahead, download them now and reach your customers from wherever the day takes you.

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