We are excited to announce our partnership with Wendy S. Myers, a leading consultant in the veterinary industry. Thanks to her, we’re offering veterinarians working with Myers a special 20% savings when they sign up for Zipwhip’s business package… Read on!

picture of Wendy S. Myers

Wendy owns a consulting firm called Communication Solutions for Veterinarians, in Denver, Colorado. She helps veterinary clinics improve communication skills, compliance, client service, and hospital management. She also writes a monthly e-newsletter and articles for several veterinary journals. This week, she outlined 8 Ways to Use Texting for Your Hospital:

  1. Text medication and diet refill reminders-before clients need emergency refills.
  2. Share patient photos and updates after procedures.
  3. Send monthly dosing reminders.
  4. Share preventive care reminders.
  5. Confirm appointments and surgeries.
  6. Alert clients when your clinic will be closed due to a hurricane, blizzard or unusual circumstances and include info on the local emergency clinic.
  7. Share boarding and grooming photos.
  8. Let clients know you’re on the way if you operate a mobile practice or offer at-home euthanasia or farm calls.

communication solutions logoThis partnership underscores a trend as more veterinary hospitals across the country adopt Zipwhip texting. Blue Sky Animal Clinic, a veterinary hospital in Loveland, CO, found that Zipwhip freed up their phone lines and decreased hold times for their customers. “With Zipwhip, clients can text on the same number they call us on,” Practice Manager Chrystal Bell said. “It’s as easy as texting from your cell phone.”

Wendy is a respected authority in the industry and we are excited to have her endorsement. Ready to start your Zipwhip trial? Use Premium Code CSVETS20 at checkout for 20% off (Must be a confirmed client of Wendy Myers to qualify for discount).

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