Between staying in touch with a diverse professional network and helping borrowers from start to finish in the loan process, mortgage loan officers are in a constant state of communication. Effective communication is key to increasing production, closing faster and saving time throughout a busy day – and a growing number of loan officers have found that text messaging is the simple key to make it all happen.

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To stand out in a competitive market, loan officers should have an SMS mortage strategy in place to supplement phone and email outreach. Texting is not only the most convenient way to ensure your message is seen, but it’s what consumers prefer: Nearly 60% say it’s the fastest way for a business to reach them (2021 State of Texting).

20 SMS Mortgage Templates for Loan Officers

What should you say in a text to your network or to your borrowers? How can mortgage loan officers leverage texting to accomplish their goals? Whether you’re just getting started with your SMS mortgage strategy or need ideas to add to your outreach, we’ve gathered 20 SMS mortgage templates and ideas for you to use with your network, prospects and clients. The templates below are grouped into four categories: how to get more mortgage clients, expediting time to close, capturing new customers quickly and content promotion.

How to get mortgage clients using SMS mortgage templates

Networking is essential to get mortgage clients. Use texting to stay in touch with your referral partners by nurturing your relationships.

You may want to periodically check in and show your network how you can provide value to their own goals: demonstrate your industry knowledge with a virtual lunch-and-learn and send the invite via text; send a friendly follow-up after a networking event; or send a weekly text inquiring about any pre-qualifications you can help with to save them time when vetting clients.

Note: If you’re a Zipwhip customer, the information enclosed in brackets is compatible with our Dynamic Fields feature.

1. Weekly pre-qualification mass text

Hi [First Name]. Are you showing any homes this weekend? Let me know if I can help pre-qualify so you can target the right people.

SMS mortgage template example

2. Outreach after networking events

Hey [First Name]. It’s [My First Name][My Last Name] with YOUR BUSINESS NAME. It was great meeting you last week at NAME OF EVENT. I wanted to send you the link to the research we talked about. The results from section two really stood out to me. LINK

3. Market to past clients to generate refinance interest

Hi [First Name]. Rates are historically low right now. Have you considered whether it makes sense to refinance your loan? I’m here to help if you’re curious. Just shoot me a text.

4. Ask for referrals from clients (home buyer)

Hi [First Name]. If any of your friends or family members are interested in purchasing a home in the near future, please feel free to forward my contact info to them. I’d be happy to help them navigate the loan process. Thanks so much!

5. Ask for referrals from clients (refinancing)

Hi [First Name]. Are any of your friends or family members interested in refinancing their loan? Interest rates are at an all-time low! Please feel free to forward my contact info to them. I’d be happy to help them navigate the refinancing process. Thanks so much!

6. Contact a referral from a past client (home buyer)

Hi [First Name]. I’m [My First Name][My Last Name] from YOUR BUSINESS NAME. YOUR PAST CLIENT’S NAME gave me your contact info after letting me know about your interest in buying a home. I’d be glad to help you through the process. Are you available for an informational chat in the next week or so? If you would like to stop receiving texts from me, please reply STOP.

SMS mortgage text template idea

Best practice notes: In accordance with TCPA guidelines (more on that below), never text someone without their permission. Check with your client that their referral has given the go-ahead to be texted. And if it’s the first time you’re connecting via text, give your recipient the option to opt-out of getting text messages from you by letting them know they can reply STOP.

7. Contact a referral from a past client (refinancing)

Hi [First Name]. I’m [My First Name][My Last Name] from YOUR BUSINESS NAME. YOUR PAST CLIENT’S NAME gave me your contact info after letting me know that you’re interested in refinancing your home loan. I’d be glad to help you through the process. Are you available for an informational chat in the next week or so?

8. Contact a referral from a real estate agent

Hi [First Name]! I’m [My First Name][My Last Name] from YOUR BUSINESS NAME. AGENT’S NAME let me know that you need help with a pre-approval. I have a few preliminary questions for you to get the process started. When you have time, could you fill out this form? LINK

9. Ask for a review

Hi [First Name]. It’s been a pleasure working with you. If you have a few minutes, could you leave a review of your experience on our REVIEW PAGE NAME page? It would help other borrowers in their search! Thanks so much. LINK

SMS mortgage examples to expedite time to close

Reaching faster closing times will require you to keep your clients continuously moving along the loan process. With the right SMS mortgage cadence, you can follow up on various parts of the application, send a casual check-in or simply let them know you’re available if they have questions.

Also consider that while texting is the preferred way that borrowers want to connect, they still crave a personal connection with a phone call or Zoom meeting. Make scheduling calls easier with a quick text.

10. Set up a call with customers

Hi there, [First Name]. Let’s schedule a call to go over the loan process and address any questions or concerns you may have. For your convenience, please use my appointment calendar to schedule a call directly. Looking forward to speaking with you. LINK

11. Send a pre-approval confirmation

I’m happy to report that your application was pre-approved, [First Name]! Please check your email for your pre-approval letter and let me know if you have any questions. Talk soon!

12. Send a nudge to complete loan applications

Hi [First Name]. I wanted to check in with the status of your filing. I’m still missing a few items to complete the process. I’ve sent you an email with the missing info. I’m here for you, so please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

13. Follow up with cold prospects

Hi [First Name]. I wanted to check in with how you’re feeling about the loan application. Is there anything I can help you with? I’m here to answer questions or help work out any additional scenarios for you.

SMS mortgage text template example

14. Application submission confirmation

Thank you for submitting your application! We’re working on your file and will contact you soon. Please check your email for important updates, and if you have any questions in the interim, you can reply to this text message.

15. Loan approval text message

Congratulations, [First Name]! Your loan has been approved. Please check your email for your approval letter and next steps. We’ll talk soon!

How to capture new customers faster with SMS mortgage templates

Sales teams generally lag when responding to leads. A Drift report found that only 42% of businesses responded to a sales inquiry within a five-day time frame and 58% didn’t respond at all.

If your competition is among those companies, an easy way to make yourself stand out is by improving your response time. This can be tough, however, when you’re busy or have a small team. Using automation texting features in your SMS mortgage strategy is an efficient way to capture new customers instantly without leaving them hanging.

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For example, an auto-reply message can automate the first touchpoint with leads or prospects. This feature offers an immediate connection (a confirmation that you’ve received their message), and it allows you to set expectations for when they should receive a human response. The instant reply may also dissuade them from getting impatient and reaching out to a competitor right away.

Also consider that a faster response time is what homebuyers and refinance customers expect in today’s market, especially millennials who are now flooding the home-buying market as first-time buyers. Being slow to answer could be a deciding factor in whether a customer goes with you or another mortgage loan option.

16. Automate the first touchpoint for general inquiry

Hello! Thanks for your message. One of our team members will be with you within the next 10 minutes. Talk soon!


17. Automate after hours first touchpoint for general inquiry

Hello! You’ve reached us outside of our normal business hours. We’re open M-F, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. One of our team members will reply to this message once we’re back in the office. Talk soon!


SMS mortgage text template after hours reply

18. Automate a follow-up with web leads

Hi [First Name]. Thank you for requesting a consultation with one of our agents. We’re looking forward to speaking with you! An agent will text you shortly to schedule a phone call at time that works best for you.

SMS mortgage examples to promote your content

Create an opt-in text message list to send helpful content that you either create or that you find online. People are busy but want to stay informed; having a trusted source send them helpful content may be appreciated. This tactic doubles as a way to stay top-of-mind in your network and with clients to reinforce yourself as an expert in the field.

19. Sample text message to promote content

Hi [First Name]! Happy Friday. I just published this quick, 2-minute video to give context about why I believe interest rates are set to stay low for a while longer. If you have any feedback or questions, shoot me a text! LINK

20. Promote a piece of content using a keyword (i.e., “Text LOAN for my how-to guide”)

Hi there! Follow this link to download my free guide about the loan application process. Have questions? Just reply to this text. 😊 LINK


SMS mortgage template keyword example

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Before you start texting: SMS mortgage dos and don’ts

It’s tempting to dive right in, but it’s important to review best practices for TCPA compliance before you start texting. The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) is a set of regulations that businesses must adhere to when texting their customers. This includes appropriate opt-in and opt-out consent, how to keep texts from looking like spam and much more.

We highly suggest reviewing the following free resources as first steps:

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