SMS API: The Shift to Toll-Free SMS

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The availability of SMS APIs is driving a shift in the text messaging marketplace to toll-free SMS, particularly for businesses communicating with their customers on a mass scale.

The key driver behind this shift is the increasing customer demand for responsive, conversational communication with businesses. The consumer-preferred –and most effective—way to connect is through two-way texting.

Using toll-free with an SMS API addresses the customer demand for two-way, conversational texting as a primary communication channel without sacrificing necessities such as customer alerts and automated messaging.

Why are businesses shifting to implement two-way texting via toll-free SMS?

Customer demand: Zipwhip found three out of four consumers feel frustrated when they can’t reply to a company’s text message. They don’t just want business texts; they want the ability to respond. Two-way texting provides an improved customer experience, thereby increasing businesses’ Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and other key customer success metrics.

Customer and revenue retention: If a company hasn’t embraced two-way conversational texting, their competitors likely have. Sixty-five percent of businesses that use texting use a 10-digit number to text customers compared to only 13% using a short code. A branded phone number gives businesses name recognition and earns them a place on customers’ phones.

Implementation time: Toll-free numbers can be text enabled in a matter of minutes. Coupling a short provisioning time with simple-to-use, extensive developer documentation allows businesses to implement SMS APIs very quickly.

Safety: Zipwhip is one of the few Texting for Business providers with SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, which signifies trust and confidence in a company’s security.

Reliability and throughput: API status codes enable businesses to evaluate delivery success to ensure that their communications are functioning as expected.

Zipwhip empowers companies to communicate with their customers in the most effective and preferred way possible – text messaging. As the pioneer of Texting for Business, Zipwhip first enabled texting to and from existing landline, VoIP and toll-free phone numbers in 2014.

Check out Zipwhip’s API for more information on components and pricing to see how your business can take advantage of two-way, conversational texting over toll-free SMS.

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