Small Businesses’ Best Kept Secret

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Having a new business is like having your first puppy. You’re extremely careful with every customer, holding their hand through everything, always going above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. Their problems become your problems; it’s all personal.

Then eventually your business starts to grow, you gain more customers and realize it’s hard to please everyone. You start to act more like a business rather than a personal advisor. You have inevitably lost that personal touch which brought you business in the first place. As they often say, it ain’t easy being popular.

So what can you do to make yourself not only appear more personal, but also set you apart from other competitors? Text with your customers.

Tiffany Knupp, a Zipwhip champion and Farmers Insurance agent, talks about how texting with her clients has become her secret to success as a small business owner.

“If it’s easier for my clients to text me, ‘can I make an appointment?’ or ‘hey when is my payment due,’ I’m going to do it,” Tiffany said. “Whatever is most convenient for my clients!”

We totally agree. If your customers want to text with you and it improves communication, let them!

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A couple of weeks ago, Tiffany utilized the power of texting to transform a normal conversation with a potential client to one that was more personal. The client had been with a competitor for over 30 years and Tiffany convinced her to switch after a couple of text messages.

“Just me talking to her over text changed her mind, that was huge!” Tiffany said. “She is a fellow soccer mom and like me, she is super busy. We don’t ever have time to think about eating, let alone read emails. When I texted her, it was so easy. I told her, ‘I’m an insurance agent at your fingertips, text me any time of day!”

It’s clear that being able to text with her clients has made a huge difference for Tiffany. She believes that texting has made conversations more personal because people assume, “if you are texting me, you must know me and have a relationship with me.”

Think about it. A simple “happy birthday” or “just checking in, are you ok after the storm?” can mean the world to your customers in our ever-growing consumer society. It shows you care.

How are you going to differentiate yourself as a small business? What makes you better than other franchises or corporate chains? It’s all about human connection. Show that you care about your customers and their time. Make it personal. Send a text.

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