Create Zipwhip Text Notifications in Slack

You’ve probably heard of Slack. The business collaboration tool’s growing popularity is for good reason- it’s a simple way to communicate with team members in real-time. On top of that, Slack offers customization through the ability to connect with many other applications that business reply on. Now, you can add business texting to the mix.
Zipwhip’s Zapier integration lets you connect your landline or toll free phone number to any channel in Slack to receive new text message notifications. This implementation allows customer service and sales agents to collaborate together to improve the customer experience. Before getting started, you’ll need a Zipwhip, Slack, and Zapier account.

Set up your Text Channel

First, create a new Slack channel. This is where text conversations will be logged.

  1. Sign in to your Slack account.
  2. In the menu, click Create new channel and type a name for the channel. In our example, we used zipwhip.

Creating Zaps

Thanks to a new integration through Zapier, you can now connect the apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. An integration you set up via Zapier is called a “Zap”, which is a connection between two apps you want to interact together. Users select a “Trigger” (An event that starts the Zap) and Actions (The corresponding activity the Zap performs) to decide the exact task they want to automate. The best part of Zapier is it’s simplicity- it’s build so that you don’t have to be developer or deal with messy code to use it.

We’ll create two Zaps: One for when texts are sent to your business number and the other when they’re sent from. To make our Zaps, accept this invitation to use Zapier with Zipwhip (This invitation can also be found by logging in to the Zipwhip web app and clicking the Integrations tab from within the account dashboard). Please note you’ll need one contact with both an inbound and outbound message saved in Zipwhip; Zapier uses this contact for testing while you build your

New SMS Received Zap

zapier home page

Zapier Homepage

  1. In Zapier, click the Make a Zap button. Name the first Zap something like Zipwhip Received Texts.
  2. Select Zipwhip for the trigger app and select “New SMS Received” as the trigger. This trigger will perform every time your landline receives a new text.
  3. Sign in to Zipwhip to verify your account.
  4. Select Slack for the action app and select “Send Channel Message” as the action and connect your Slack account to Zapier.
    Zapier trigger action

    Zapier Trigger and Action Steps

  5. Make the following edits to the Slack Channel Message template:
    • Channel (required)- Select the Slack channel you created. In our example, it’s zipwhip.
    • Message Text (required)- Copy & paste the following snippet, and replace the bracketed section with the “From Mobile Number” and “Message Body” fields.
    • _<|New message received>_
      >>>Conversation with *{Insert From Mobile Number Field}*
      {Insert Message body Field}
    • Bot Name (optional)- Create a name for the bot that will alert you of new text messages. In our example, we used Zipwhip.
    • Bot Icon Url (optional)- Paste the following url to give your Bot a zipwhip avatar:
edit channel template

Slack Channel Message Template

When you finish creating your Zap, turn it on.

New SMS Sent Zap

Next, we’ll create a Zap for when texts are sent from your business phone number.

  1. In the Zaps dashboard, clone “Zipwhip Received Texts” by clicking Copy from the options menu.copy received zap
  2. Rename the new Zap to something like Zipwhip Sent Texts, so you know this Zap is for when messages are sent from your landline.zapier sent trigger
  3. Change the trigger to “New SMS Sent” and click Save + Continue. You may have to fetch and test this step before proceeding.
  4. Update the “To Mobile Number” and “Message Body” fields in the Channel Message Template.

    Sent edit template

    Slack Channel Message Template for New SMS Sent

  5. Click Save after updating the message template.
  6. Lastly, turn on the Zap.

Congrats! You created your Zap

Now you can test your connection by sending a text from your mobile phone to your business number, and then visiting your Slack channel to see if the new message appears. (You may need to wait a minute for Zapier to notice the new text.)

Please note that you are not able to respond to a text directly through Slack- you will need to respond to the conversation through the Zipwhip app. If everything is working, the notification in Slack will also include a link to the conversation in Zipwhip, enabling you to easily respond to the message.

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