We know many of you enjoy texting and the flexibility that it brings to your business. Here at Zipwhip, we also appreciate having the opportunity to provide technology that can play even a small role in your company’s success. If you love business texting, we hope you’ll share it with the world.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Refer a Friend ambassador program – a way for our current customers to notify friends, family and associates about Zipwhip’s two-way texting for existing business landlines. It’s beneficial for companies that are looking for better ways to engage and empower their communities, and it’s an opportunity for you, one of our customers, to earn gift cards of your choice for every successful referral you make as an extra “thank you” from us.


How it works

  1. Visit zipwhip.com/refer-a-friend
  2. Click sign up and enter your details.
  3. Share your unique code with your friends, family and associates directly from the webpage.
  4. The people in your network can then sign up for a free trial with Zipwhip from your unique link.
  5. Once one of your contacts has signed up for a free trial, you’ll have a $30 gift card pending.
  6. Your reward will be emailed to you when your contact becomes a paying client (after their 2-week free trial).
  7. You can choose to allocate your $30 toward any Tango gift card – think of all the things you can buy and experiences you can enjoy.


Educating your contacts

Having additional materials on hand may be helpful when making the case to your contacts about how they could benefit from using Zipwhip. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – whether you want to refer a dentist, a radio station or an insurance company, simply log in to your portal and click “Assets” to find the most appropriate case study to share with them. These are brief stories from Zipwhip customers that illustrate how texting can be used in real, everyday situations.


Checking referral statuses

If you want to check in on the status of your referrals, simply return to www.zipwhip.com/refer-a-friend and log in to access your portal. Here you can see exactly who signed up for a free trial, who didn’t and how many rewards are currently pending.



If you’d like to participate in our Refer a Friend program, please sign up here, or email us at ngay@zipwhip.com if you have questions. And thank you for helping to spread the love of texting with your family, friends and associates!


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