A Week Without: Why We Donated $5,000 to Seattle Counseling Services

Seattle Counseling Services Celebrates Pride Month With Zipwhip

Every Friday Zipwhip employees cram into the fifth-floor kitchen for Gourmet Lunch Friday, better known as GLF. We cater food prepared by local gourmet chefs to our office and use the time together to go over the latest Zipwhip happenings, from welcoming new hires to celebrating our successes.

As you can guess, feeding nearly 300 people isn’t cheap – including the cost of snacks and drinks that stock our kitchen Monday through Friday, Zipwhip spends $5,000 on food every week. We’re grateful to have these luxuries at Zipwhip, but we realize there are more important ways we can spend the money.

So we went A Week Without, setting aside the money we would have spent on office munchies and GLF, and donated it to a nonprofit in our community.

Celebrating Pride Month With Seattle Counseling Services

To celebrate Pride month 2019, the Zipwhip team went A Week Without to donate $5,000 to Seattle Counseling Services (SCS), the oldest LGBTQ-focused community mental health agency in the world.

Since 1969, SSC has been an indispensable resource for those in the Seattle area seeking substance use disorder services; support groups; harm reduction programs; HIV prevention programs; peer-led outreach; and immigrant, refugee and undocumented outreach. The organization also works with other King County Mental Health Providers to advocate on behalf of the LGBTQ community in the mental health system.

Seattle Counseling Services celebrates Pride month 2019 with Zipwhip

Seattle Counseling Services

SCS recently stopped by Zipwhip’s SoDo office to collect the Zipwhip check and reminded us why donations to organizations like theirs are vital to the community.

“SCS continues to provide affordable mental health and substance use recovery services to our LGBTQ communities because of supporters and donors like Zipwhip,” said Donnie Goodman, SCS’s deputy director. “Donations like yours allow SCS to offer other free to low-cost services such as crisis intervention, educational consultations and trainings, outreach and general community support. We have become a safety net upon which our community relies when times are tough, and we would not be celebrating our 50th anniversary if it weren’t for our community like you making that safety net possible.”

Continued support for the LGBTQ community

Zipwhip’s support of the LGBTQ community goes beyond pride month. Here are a few other ways we push for diversity and inclusion across our company and beyond our doors.

Lesbians Who Tech

Earlier this year, Zipwhip sponsored the Lesbians Who Tech + Allies events in San Francisco and in Seattle. Our team showed up to the events to connect with the brightest minds and spread the word about Zipwhip and our latest career opportunities.

Zipwhip sponsors Lesbians Who Tech in Seattle

Zipwhip at Lesbians Who Tech + Allies Seattle

Lesbians Who Tech is a community of LGBTQ women, gender nonconforming folks and people who support them in and around tech. The organization hosts events around in New York City and across the United States to bring more women and lesbians into the tech world, heighten visibility in and out of the community and to connect one another to like-minded women and allies.

Learn more about the organization here

Oasis Youth Center

Based in Tacoma, Washington, Oasis Youth Center is a safe place for LGBTQ youth and young adults ages 11-24 to connect, learn and thrive. Formed in 1985, the organization hosts a number of events every week as well as general drop-in hours for those who just need a place to hang out or get away from troubles at school or at home.

Zipwhip is proud to offer our texting-for-business platform to Oasis Youth Center for free. As an organization centered around young people, having a texting option is an absolute must. Every year, Oasis serves over 400 people, and we’re honored to supply our platform to help them better aide the community.

Visit them online here to learn more

Seattle Pride Parade

Zipwhip marches in Seattle Pride Parade 2019

The Zipwhip team marches in the 45th annual Seattle Pride Parade

We couldn’t celebrate pride month without marching in the Seattle Pride parade. We had a great time walking with fellow supporters and standing with one another to show our gratitude for the colorful LGBTQ community of the city.

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