How Salons Can Use Text Marketing to Keep Clients and Grow Business

Text message marketing is a powerful tool to help salons keep in touch with existing clients and attract new business. In this blog post, learn why texting is effective at keeping clientele engaged and why the medium should also be used for general communications to strengthen customer relationships.

Why does salon SMS marketing work?

Compared to other forms of targeted marketing tools, a text message is arguably the most effective due to its visibility.

A text message is read within three minutes of receipt and boasts a 98% open rate. Email, on the other hand, only has a 20% open rate. We all get way more emails than we can read per day, and it’s not uncommon for messages to go directly to our junk folders.

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Clients prefer to be reached over text because it’s quick, personal and familiar. According to Zipwhip’s 2020 State of Texting report, 52% of consumers would rather receive marketing messages over text than email.

consumers receive more emails per day than they can read


Naturally high priority, a text message gives clients first access to promotional offers, limited-time sales or special events. Other forms of text message marketing for salons can include announcing the latest product launches and newly hired stylists or even a convenient method of requesting Yelp or Google business reviews after a client visit.

More than just SMS marketing for salons: Using text messaging for general client communication

In addition to marketing your salon, texting can be used for general client communication, too.

Offering true client engagement requires two-way texting using your existing business phone number. For comparison, businesses commonly use short codes (five or six-digit numbers) to send text messages to their customers. Short codes are great for alerts and mass messages but don’t always allow back-and-forth texting with the recipient, which can be frustrating if they reply to your text with a question or need help with rescheduling their appointment.

Text enabling your 10-digit, VoIP or toll-free phone number gives clients and staff the best of both worlds: time-saving automated texting with the option of convenient, conversational messaging on the same phone number clients can call.

Clients want to text your salon:

Two-way texting allows your clients to easily schedule, cancel and reschedule their appointments, ask questions about your services, prices and products, and even lets them share photos of haircuts with their stylist.

Salon SMS marketing templates and examples

The templates below serve as examples to inspire your own salon text message marketing efforts. Edit the information in parenthesis to fit your desired message. The information in brackets is compatible with Zipwhip software’s dynamic fields feature.

Beauty salon special offers

salon sms marketing example

(insert your business name): Holiday sale! Take (insert discount) off your next service when you book online by (insert date). Get a fresh look in time for all your holiday parties! Book here: (insert website here)

Salon new product launch

salon sms marketing example advertising new products

Birthday promotion

salon sms marketing birthday promotion example

Happy birthday month, [First Name]! It’s your friends at (your business name) with a little gift for ya. Take (insert discount) off any service or any of our products through the end of the month. Just show this text to the front desk when you’re ready to pay or enter the code (insert offer code) online at checkout. See ya soon.

Promoting content for beauty salon

content for beauty salon promoting through SMS marketing

Requesting online review

sms marketing for salon requesting online review

Hi [First Name]! Thanks for visiting (your business name). If you have a few minutes, could you leave us a Google review and let others know about your experience? We appreciate any and all feedback as it helps us make improvements where needed. Thank you for your time! (insert website here)

Salon appointment templates and general communication examples

Below are a few templates showing how texting can reduce client no-shows and how images can be used to improve client communication before appointments.

Salon appointment reminder text message

salon sms appointment reminder example

Hi [First Name]. It’s [My First Name] from (insert business name) reminding you of your hair cut appointment with (insert stylist name) on (insert date and time). If you’d like to cancel or need to reschedule, just reply to this text or call this number. Thanks!

Sharing images of desired haircuts and styles

salon sms general communication with client example

Hi [First Name]! It’s [My First Name] from (insert your business name). Do you have any examples of the hair cut you’d like for your appointment tomorrow with (insert stylist name)? You can text them to me now if you’d like or you can show them to (insert stylist name) tomorrow when you come in.

COVID-19 text messages for salons

Texting is also an effective way to let clients know of your salon’s reopening after COVID-19 closures. You can easily communicate any new safety measures or procedures.

Salon opening message after lockdown

Salon opening message after lockdown SMS example

Hello [First Name]! We’re excited to let you know of our re-opening starting (insert date). We’ve used our downtime getting our salon in shape to provide you with a safe, sanitary environment. Please visit our website for complete details regarding our new procedures and what you can expect on your next visit. See you soon! (insert website)

Salon COVID-19 check in procedure (using Keyword and Auto-Reply features)

Salon COVID-19 check-in process using text message

Hi [First Name]! When you arrive for your appointment today, please wait outside the salon and reply to this text message with the word HERE. Someone will come outside to check you in and take your temperature.


What to do before starting your salon SMS marketing outreach

Before texting clients, ensure you have their permission to do so, and always follow TCPA best practices. We have plenty of resources ready to help you get started.


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