We’re Revolutionizing How Businesses Communicate with Customers – Again

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As the world of technology changes, communication channels need to adapt as well. The increase in unanswered phone calls and unread emails reveals an opportunity to adopt a new strategy: texting. This allows enterprises to communicate with consumers the way consumers communicate with each other – increasing engagement and driving growth. It’s imperative that enterprise organizations adopt these new communication solutions to maintain their relevance and remain competitive.

That’s why we built Zipwhip 2.0.

Years ago, Zipwhip quite literally created two-way business texting. Now, we’re changing the game again. We’ve completely re-engineered our infrastructure and added new features that speak directly to the increased customer demand to reach brands faster and more efficiently.

Technology has evolved, making many traditional communication tools ineffective.

In the rapidly changing world of technology, the performance of existing tools such as phone calls and emails continues to rapidly decline. In fact, 89 percent of consumers prefer messaging over email or phone calls. As a result, larger organizations that rely exclusively on these outdated strategies to reach customers will lose market share and see decreased engagement from customers.

Customers now want and expect text-enabled brands.

Texting is a comfortable communication medium. Hearing from brands via SMS text is no longer a foreign concept to the average consumer. Now, when larger companies adopt this strategy, there’s much less of a learning curve for customers and it’s far easier for them to embrace. It’s not surprising that 81 percent of customers get frustrated when they have to call customer service – they’d rather just text. Customers have come to expect this service from brands and will feel disappointed when it’s not available. Texting has allowed brands to close that communication gap – meeting customers on their preferred channel.

Zipwhip 2.0 solves enterprise communication challenges

Our SMS texting services have evolved to offer the sophistication, scale, security and automation that enterprises need. When adopted, this technology drives growth and results for these larger organizations. It overcomes the limitations of traditional communication strategies such as phone calls and emails and not only benefits customers, but also the businesses that use it. Zipwhip 2.0 allows businesses to grow, engage with customers more effectively and improve productivity.

Zipwhip 2.0’s enterprise-grade business texting service allows companies to:

  • Save time and resources with templatized messages, automated replies, scheduled texts and group texting.
  • Keep teams productive with multi-user dashboards, admin controls and other collaboration tools.
  • Manage high-volume commercial traffic and reliably reaching more people with direct connectivity.
  • Chat with customers from anywhere on any device.
  • Organize and sort information smarter with conversation filters, a search function and keyword searching.
  • Provide smart insights with analytics and reports.
  • Build customer loyalty and drive retention by personalizing each touch point and opening the doors to two-way communication.

Zipwhip doesn’t just enable your landline for business texting. It’s a fully integrated communication system that allows your company to securely and quickly communicate with customers from anywhere.

Although SMS texting is 25 years old, it’s a booming technology that just gets better with age. Solutions like Zipwhip 2.0 continue to revolutionize business communication by providing benefits that speak to the customer and the business. There’s no doubt in my mind that texting is the future of business communication.

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