How Real Estate Agents Can Build a Client List of Home Buyers With Two-way Texting

Real estate agent shows couple a home option

Buying a home or condo can be a big step for anyone, even if it isn’t the first time they’ve purchased real estate. Making a major purchase such as a new home can bring up feelings of anxiety — emotional and financial, but you can help reduce any unease by simply being accessible and responsive to their needs. As their real estate agent, knowing that you’re available by text to answer questions or address concerns goes a long way in building trust, and trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship.

Increase sales by being more responsive and available for texting

For first-time home buyers, knowing where to start or which direction to turn can be a daunting task. Do they get pre-approved for a loan, drive around looking for “For Sale” signs, or start searching online multiple listing services (MLS) on their own? Letting clients and potential clients know that you’re available to answer their questions by text can lead to a successful relationship and can sometimes mean the difference between a happy outcome for both parties and a lost opportunity for you. With Zipwhip’s two-way business text messaging, you can be proactive and send appointment reminders and inform clients about new open house announcements so you can plan to visit that perfect property that suddenly became available.

Stay ahead of the competition with Zipwhip’s business texting

Zillow recently forecasted that rising mortgage rates will sharply impact the housing market in 2019, with the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage expected to reach 5.8% by the end of the year. If this projection proves to be true, the available pool of prospects for real estate agents could become even more competitive as would-be home buyers turn to renters. Give yourself the advantage of attracting and retaining more eager homebuyers by offering two-way texting as a key communication tool and a way to further cement your client relationships.

Location, location, location

Nobody would deny that location is a key factor when it comes to buying a home. But in today’s competitive marketplace, real estate agents first need to grab the attention of buyers in order to learn which location will best fit their needs. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to buying a home, a picture can also be worth something even more valuable — your time. Through MMS (multimedia messaging service) texting, you can send images to your clients of homes or condos you think they might be interested in visiting before either or you even get behind the wheel.

By gauging a client’s reaction to the photos, either positively or negatively, you’ll know if visiting the property in person will be worth it to them and you. Why spend time and money driving from property to property when you can send photos of houses to determine their level of interest beforehand? You’ve already invested time in establishing the size, location, and price range they’re comfortable with, now with MMS picture messaging you can better understand what style of home is most appealing to them.

Keep conversations in one place

Realtors and real estate agents deal with multiple clients and prospects at one time; and trying to keep all the details straight can be taxing for even the best of us. To help you stay organized, Zipwhip automatically logs and archives all client conversations. And unlike voice calls, you have immediate access to full reporting and record-keeping metrics. You’ll not only gain greater peace of mind when juggling multiple clients, your clients will enjoy the benefit of being able to review information you shared from previous conversations, so everyone is on the same “virtual” page.

Turn future home seekers into happy home buyers

As with all sales occupations, being on the lookout for new leads is a way of life. Adopt a smart strategy of converting website visitors into clients by putting Zipwhip’s click-to-text button on your homepage, in email signatures, on Google Adwords campaigns and within Yelp listings. Oftentimes people will start to research buying a home several months before they’re ready to start looking. By pre-paving the way for them to easily reach out to you by text, you’re that much closer to turning a potential home seeker into a future guaranteed home buyer.

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