Quiz: What Type of Texter Are You?

group of people texting

Do you speak emoji? Does waiting for a text reply send you into an anxious tailspin? Do you only text when texted? No matter if you text a bunch or text a little, we all have a texting personality we identify with. Take this quiz to find out who you really are! 👀

Text Your Customers With Zipwhip’s Business-Texting Software

Texting isn’t just for friends and family. Businesses love using the medium to connect with customers, too. It’s the preferred way to communicate after all. No matter what type of texter you are, reaching customers through their favorite medium just makes sense. With Zipwhip, you can text customers right from your computer using features that automate your workflow and save you time.

  • Text from your existing business number. Enable your landline, VoIP or toll-free number for conversational texting. Texting and calling from the same number with Zipwhip is less confusing for customers and ensures deliverability of your messages thanks to our direct connectivity with mobile carriers.
  • Stop playing phone tag. You and your customers can get a hold of one another without making phone calls and leaving endless voicemails.
  • Automated features streamline your day. Repeating the same tasks over and over again could drive you crazy…and waste a lot of time. Auto-replies, Keyword-triggered responses and Group Texting help you get work done faster.

Learn more about why texting for business is better with Zipwhip.

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