Quickly turn prospects into accounts via text message

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We’ve all been there. A potential client shows interest. You are extremely excited with the thrill of a new prospect. Then the chase begins… five voicemails and countless emails later you still haven’t been in touch. What’s going on?! Are they still interested?

The answer is yes, but they are too busy to call you back.

The problem is not you or your marketing strategy or your millennial CSR. The issue lies in how you are communicating with that prospect. Ever-changing technology and social media has transformed our consumer society into one where customers demand instant responses and results. It has made sales that much harder because consumers have a world of information at their fingertips via the internet and are constantly looking for the latest and greatest. How do you keep up? You contact them on the one device they are constantly checking, in the easiest way possible, text message.

The fact of the matter is, you might like phone calls, but your customers prefer to text. At the end of the day it’s not about you, it’s about the customer. Believe it or not, 76% of people say they prefer to communicate over text because it’s more convenient and allows them to reach out on their own time. 63% of these people say texting is less disruptive than phone calls and 19% of them say they never check their voicemails.

Here are 5 ways to leverage texting to retain your current clients and gain new clients:

  1. Reduce no shows by reminding prospective clients of upcoming meetings
  2. Send ID cards via picture message
  3. Group text current clients about upcoming promotions i.e. life insurance
  4. Send check-in texts to clients who may have been affected by severe weather
  5. Set up and automatically send scheduled payment reminders

Of course the list goes on…

It’s 2017, let’s be real. If you are not texting with clients and prospects, you might as well kiss your business goodbye. Isn’t that the same reason why you’re online? To make better connections and enhance your business? Be an entrepreneur, set the trends. Don’t get left behind.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAhKAAAAJDM2MmUzN2ZlLTE5MmUtNGZhZS05ZDBjLWU0MThhNWIwZmVjZALauren Akamine is the Insurance Industry Specialist at Zipwhip, a company that allows you to send and receive texts from your existing business number on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Currently Zipwhip partners and serves over 2,000 insurance agents including Farmers Insurance, Allstate, Nationwide and AAA Insurance.

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