Q&A: Meet Jenni Morts, Our New Director of Engineering for User Applications

Jenni Morts Zipwhip

We are delighted to announce the addition of Jenni Morts to our engineering team!  

Jenni brings over 20 years of engineering leadership experience and will oversee the development of Zipwhip’s software applications.  

Her team will drivthe ultimate experience for our customers, allowing them to text seamlessly from any device using Zipwhip’s mobile, web or desktop apps, or directly from a CRM using Zipwhip’s embeddable Texting Widget or browser extensions.  

 So let’s get to know Jenni – her goals, passions and go-to TV show during quarantine (it’s exotic).  

Q: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you were doing before you came to Zipwhip?  

A: I grew up in Washington state about an hour south of Seattle. I am amazed at how much Seattle has grown over the years. It has a great foundation of businesses and has become very multi-cultural with amazing restaurants and incredible outdoor activities. It will definitely always be my home. Before Zipwhip, I started my engineering career at Microsoft and worked there for 23 years in the development discipline. I worked in many different teams serving Finance, HR, Legal and the internal/external Azure Integration hub and always loved the fast pace of technology, learning, delivering great products and the many friends I made along the way.   

Q: What drew you to engineering? 

A: I loved solving problems and the feeling of figuring something out, whether it was new code, new technology or a new design – sharing with others was so rewarding. It is the ultimate satisfaction to release a product that is being used to advance a business objective or experience. 

Q: Why did you decide to join Zipwhip?

A: Initially it was the product that intrigued me. Once I met the people, they impressed me the most along with the culture I was looking for. It was also an added bonus that the company was small and growing quickly and I would be able to help it to grow.   

Q: What do you think makes Zipwhip positioned for success? 

A: Not only is the product positioned well to keep gaining market share and grow in its offerings, but Zipwhip employees are some of the most passionate I have met in technology and are working to propel it to the next levels.   

Q: What unique value does Zipwhip offer its customers?

A: With the evolution of the phone, people have shifted in the way they like to communicate and today prefer texting over other communication methods. Zipwhip offers business texting and with many ways to support a business partnerit can be very customized for their needs and integrated into their systems. The product itself offers much more than a niche servicebusiness texting offers unique ways for businesses to improve communication and marketing, better reach and engage with customers, increase revenue, streamline processesreduce costs, increase internal engagement with employees and partners… and the list goes on. 

Q: What are some of your goals for the engineering team in 2020? 

A: My team is responsible for the customer experience with our mobile, web and desktop applications, chrome extensions and embeddable code. That means that we’ll continue to ship product enhancements that give our customers new-and-improved features, while simultaneously building on the core reliability and functionality of the product. We’re committed to maintaining a 99.9% service uptime so that our customers can continue to rely on us and the stability of our product. 

Q: What are some things you’re passionate about and how can you use your platform in tech to support them? 

A: I have always been interested in promoting and advancing women in tech, particularly those early in their careers. It’s been exciting to mentor and encourage women early on and watch them fulfill their dreams in technology. There was a period of time where very few women were getting technical degrees, but I see that changing. And now that they’re entering the workforce, supporting them in their job searches in their first roles is a critical component to building strong, diverse teams. 

Q: What was your first cell phone and how old were you when you got it?

A: I was just out of college when I got my first cell phone, the Motorola brick phone – they were practically indestructible if you dropped them, which was an added advantage, but it would certainly not fit in a purse or in a back pocket. The cost to make or receive calls was outrageous, so it was hard to justify the expense, but it was still fun to have. 

Q: What has been your go-to TV show during quarantine?

A: I am embarrassed to say, but it was The Tiger King series – it was hard to turn it off watching the train wreck.  

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