Preparing for the Best and the Worst: Why Wedding Vendors Need to Text

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A day in the life of a wedding vendor is both beautiful and hectic. On the one hand, it’s humbling when a couple trusts you to help them tie the knot and make their day unforgettable. On the other hand, it’s a great deal of responsibility to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Whether you’re a florist, a venue provider, an interior decorator, a caterer or the wedding planner that is orchestrating all of these moving parts, you’ve got a lot to do in order to make your clients’ dreams come true. So, in thinking about how to effectively communicate with them throughout the planning process, consider using text messaging as a proactive tool that will help streamline important information, mitigate risk and instill confidence in the married couple-to-be.

Manage time better

With only so much time available in a single day, sometimes all we are left with are the micro-moments – the narrow windows of time in between stop lights, meetings and waiting for elevators to show up. But even these moments don’t have to go to waste; use them to connect with your clients with a quick text.

Emails and phone calls do offer additional avenues for communication, but the reality is people are often on the go. They don’t always have time to de-clutter their inbox or return missed voicemails. Texting is an ideal tool for wedding vendors because it’s fast, simple and convenient to use. Many brides have to juggle wedding planning with their full-time job, so texting is also conducive for your clients in that it gives them a chance to respond to your questions at their own convenience. Think about all the times you have received a call while you were in a meeting at work; your clients will appreciate this.

Be proactive

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As a trusted wedding vendor, it’s important to have a written record of the dialogue that takes place between you and your clients. This not only helps protect your business in the event that something goes wrong, but it also enables you to communicate more clearly with the future bride or other vendors. With texting, you even have the capability of sending pictures back and forth to one another to help avoid having to read the other person’s mind when it comes down to nitty-gritty details.

You want to make your clients happy, and you want them to give you positive reviews. If the reputation of your business is a determining factor of its success, it’s pivotal to stay prepared and have a way protect yourself, especially in the worst-case scenarios. You know, like something out of a movie where the cake gets smashed and the blame must be placed on someone.

Show empathy

As the big day approaches, don’t forget why you are here – for the sake of love and the chance to help make a couple’s dream come true. It’s easy for the business-to-client experience to become robotic, but your business can stand out by choosing to be more human through real-time conversation and active listening. Every time you give a shoulder tap via text to the future bride, she’s reminded that she has someone that cares about her and her upcoming special day. In this case, responsibility is an honor, and you have the power to instill confidence in your clients through meaningful conversations.

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