Quiz: How Many Texting Abbreviations Do You Actually Know?

two employees on laptops taking quiz

We believe texting should mimic face-to-face conversations, and people should text how they speak. But occasionally, there are unique rules for texting that don’t apply to in-person conversations. The biggest one: acronyms. Most of us don’t say “LOL” or other acronyms IRL, but they’ve become a staple of how we communicate digitally. However, some of us have grown so accustomed to certain abbreviations that we forget what it actually stands for.

So, are you an acronym aficionado or a Phil Dunphy failure? We challenge you to test your knowledge with our quiz and compete against your coworkers to determine the lingo expert. You might just be surprised by which acronyms you don’t know.

This quiz might have been easy for some, but we hope it highlighted something important: It’s critical to understand common nuances in mobile communication.

If you want to be taken seriously by your audience, you need to learn these common acronyms. Even if you don’t feel they’re appropriate to use in your outbound communication, it’s important to know what they mean so you can better understand inbound texts. Another communication tool we use every day but don’t say IRL? Emojis! Learn how to use them appropriately in your business communication and watch your engagement soar.

Interested in learning more about how to actually craft your text messages and other tips for business texting? Check out our texting etiquette guide.

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