Choice is a good thing. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Zipwhip’s desktop app for business texting. Offering the same powerful features as our web app, our desktop app includes the added benefits of auto launching at startup, displaying a numerical badge icon that tallies unread messages and notifying users to new customer messages with instant push notifications.

As the industry’s first texting-for-business desktop app, Zipwhip software improves user workflow and overall performance by offering a faster, easier way for businesses to engage with customers.

Fast, easy and convenient

Our desktop app provides the full functionality and experience of the web-based product through an easy-to-use application installed on the user’s operating system. Available for both Windows and Mac users, the desktop app icon is viewable from the dock (MacOS) or taskbar (Windows).

Having the desktop app running in the background allows for maximum adoption and usage by employees, which is essential for ROI (return on investment) and beneficial for enhancing a company’s communication plan. Users will immediately be able to see new messages when they get to work, without the hassle of having to log in again, which ensures that businesses will never miss a customer’s message.

“For employees who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, the desktop app provides the fastest, easiest and most convenient texting experience,” said John Lauer, co-founder and CEO of Zipwhip.

Key benefits of our desktop app:

Auto launch on startup

The desktop app automatically launches when your computer starts up, so you never have to think about it. It will always be standing by, ready when you are.

Conveniently located on your dock or taskbar

To view the dashboard, users simply click the Zipwhip icon in the dock or taskbar. From there, you have visibility to all of Zipwhip’s texting-for-business features, including:

  • Read messages
  • Compose messages
  • Schedule messages
  • View and search contacts list
  • Set up Auto Replies based on your specific keywords
  • Create Templates for frequently sent messages
  • Personalize Group Messages with Dynamic Fields



Numerical badge notification

Be alerted with a numerical badge indicator that tallies unread messages. The badge indicator sits on the Zipwhip app icon and allows you to easily see how many unread messages are waiting for you.

Instant push notifications

Get notified about new messages with instant push notifications so you never miss a customer’s message. For convenience, push notifications may be turned off when the desktop app is active.


Ready to download the desktop app?

With the release of our desktop app, Zipwhip customers now have the full spectrum of options to access their texting platforms, working seamlessly alongside Zipwhip’s web app, mobile apps and browser extensions. Our breadth of offerings is unmatched in the industry and gives customers the best solution for their individual texting situations.

If you’re already a Zipwhip customer, download our desktop app today.

We built the original business texting network. Before Zipwhip, it wasn’t possible to text an existing landline business number from a mobile phone (or vice versa). If you’d like to learn more about our texting-for-business platform and see how our texting software can help you better communicate with your customers, visit our product features page.

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To help get you started with business texting, check out our comprehensive, free e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers. It’s packed with lots of useful information to start you on your journey toward engaging with customers using the communication method they prefer – texting!

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