Seven Ways to Optimize Your SMS Marketing for the Holiday Season

Text marketing idea for creative holiday marketing campaigns

Did you know 72% of retailers are increasing their investments in holiday mobile-marketing efforts this year? Consumers are inundated with holiday-related email-marketing campaigns and social media advertisements as soon as November hits; so as a brand, how do you cut through the noise of the season and grab your audience’s attention?

SMS marketing might be the answer to your holiday campaign woes. Once you’ve built an opt-in list of people who want to receive texts, follow these strategies for effective holiday text-message marketing during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and throughout the season.

1. Promo codes

Foster a sense of exclusivity among your opt-in text list by sending special promo codes. Custom fields allow you to personalize your texts by pulling in customer information like first name. Since 72% of millennials say a personalized shopping experience is important to them, it’s crucial to foster that relationship any way you can. Sending exclusive, personalized discount codes is the perfect way to do just that.
Text message mobile marketing holiday campaign examples

2. Special offers

Texts are also a great way to notify shoppers of special offers like free shipping or new overnight shipping options. Since 85% of millennials want gifts in their hand as soon as possible, this is a great way to let them know about your speed of service and delivery options.
Text message mobile marketing holiday campaign examples

3. Sale notifications

Got a flash sale going on? Doing something special for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Get the word out quickly to your opt-in list by notifying them first.
Text message mobile marketing holiday campaign examples

4. Low stock alerts

Create a sense of urgency by sending alerts whenever popular items are low on stock. If you know the types of items your customers are interested in, you can tailor these to be specific items you know they won’t want to miss. Combine a low stock alert with a discount code, and it will be an offer they can’t resist.
Text message mobile marketing holiday campaign examples

5. Links to products

Sixty-five percent of millennials plan to make a purchase on a mobile device this holiday season. Make it easier for them to shop the way they want by sending them links via text. You do the work for them, so all they have to do is click “purchase.”
Text message mobile marketing holiday campaign examples

6. Invites to in-store events

Have an in-store event coming up or maybe a holiday pop-up shop? Text your list a picture message of a designed invitation or a link to the address. Bridging the gap between your physical in-store shopping experience and your online presence will create a seamless brand experience—perfect for on-the-go consumers. People still love doing their shopping in-store, so it’s important to give them a reason to do so.
Text message mobile marketing holiday campaign examples

7. Sending helpful, relevant content

Not every communication you send has to be a direct sale. Think about what problems consumers face during the holidays that are relevant to your brand. Then create and share content on your website. This helps keep your brand top of mind and builds trust with potential customers.
Text message mobile marketing holiday campaign examples

Interested in learning more about how you can use text messaging to drive retail sales and customer engagement? Contact Zipwhip today!

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