Why Managers Use Texting-for-Business Software to Build Successful Teams

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From general managers to business owners, managing a team of employees is no easy task. Not only are you keeping your own workday top-of-mind, but the assignments and well-being of all your direct reports are a part of your daily thoughts, too.

You provide your team with a clear vision to work toward, encouragement to do their best work and guidance for improvements along the way. But if your team communicates with customers daily via phone calls or emails, you can’t be a fully effective manager: without a centralized platform to support oversight, it’s hard to analyze customer support strategy to reach company goals.

And as for your team’s productivity, getting a hold of customers through phone calls and email alone isn’t as effective as it used to be, requiring employees to waste time with endless follow-ups.

How does a manager break through these barriers to set up their team for success? By adopting texting as a communication channel with business-texting software. Here’s why it’s an indispensable manager tool that will benefit your employees.

Why texting-for-business software?

Texting-for-business software is a texting tool specifically designed for the needs of businesses and their customers. While using a personal number limits texting to a smartphone, texting software makes workflow easier by letting you text from your computer using your existing business number.

With management tools like multi-user support, admin controls and reporting analysis, managers can better support their teams to meet objectives. And teams love it, too, because customers actually reply to text messages.

How business-texting software solves a manager’s daily challenges

Managers get double duty juggling their own challenges and those that arise within their team. Here’s how business-texting software can ease the balancing act.

Maintain better oversight of employee-customer conversations

With the right texting-for-business platform, managers can review a complete history of employee-customer text conversations to verify that teams are responding appropriately, keeping messaging on brand and providing superior customer service. And having access to documented conversations is a great ongoing training tool to help teams identify what’s working and what’s not.

With reporting tools, managers can provide analysis of texting usage overall, identifying what time of day customers are most active, how customers engage with their business and much more.

Keep your team happy

A good manager ensures team members are happy with their jobs, and an easy way to support this is by providing access to the right tools. Customers can unfortunately be a bottleneck to employee productivity when the only option to reach customers is by phone or email; the longer it takes for a customer to reply to a message, the longer it takes for an employee to complete their work. Texting is the preferred way customers want to connect with businesses, so messages are replied to much faster, letting teams move along with their day and get more work done.

And texting for business greatly benefits team productivity thanks to task automation tools that can take care of repetitive work on their behalf, like message scheduling, auto-replies and keyword-triggered responses to commonly asked questions. When teams spend less time on administrative tasks, they can devote more attention to creating strong customer relationships.

Integrate texting-for-business features into tools you and your teams already use

You already have a lot of tools to manage and adding another one is likely not at the top of your to-do list. But select texting-for-business software can be integrated with tools you and your teams already use. For popular customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce, Clio, Zapier, MINDBODY and SalesLoft, business-texting software features can be seamlessly added to your workflow. You’ll cut down on training time and enjoy the benefits of texting customers faster.

Want to set up your teams for success while creating stronger customer relationships? Zipwhip is an easy-to-learn texting software that managers use every day to maintain better oversight of team activity to improve workflow and efficiency.

See how our software helps managers and their teams stay organized and build customer loyalty in these short customer videos.

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Learn more about Zipwhip and our business-texting features here.

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