Manage all your numbers with Zipwhip Switchboard

Zipwhip just made enterprise texting even easier. Last month, we upped our character limit to 250 and announced our brand new Reports feature. Today, we’re highlighting a feature that we’ve been rolling out for our Enterprise customers: Switchboard. Zipwhip’s Switchboard is a multi-user feature that allows users to manage all their text-enabled phone numbers through one easy-to-use page.

Using Switchboard

To access Switchboard, log in to On the Profile Menu, click “Switchboard” to open the page.

Open Account

Open any of the accounts by clicking the account card, which opens in a separate window. You’re automatically logged into the phone number under your individual user log-in.

Note: The phone numbers shown in Switchboard are the accounts for which you are an “Active” user on. If a phone number does not appear, please check with an Admin that your user status is set as “Active”.

Filter View

Switchboard lets you filter your view to display only accounts with unread text messages by clicking the “Unread” button. The accounts will be sorted according to which account has the most unread text messages. The message counter remains until all text messages are replied to or marked as read.

View Account Activity

In the default view, you can quickly see if an operator is replying to a text message in a specific account. When another user is creating a reply, then a “typing” indicator appears on the account card.

Switchboard is currently available for Enterprise multi-user accounts. For feedback about how we can improve our features, please email us at

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