Put the Phone Down. How Savvy Front Desk Staff Spend Less Time on Calls

Receptionist answering phone calls and helping customers

Managing a front desk is a pretty laid back, right?

You’re constantly calling and emailing customers, helping visitors, handling payments, managing customer documents, keeping the office organized, making fast decisions, rushing to and from your desk — and it’s all carried to the tune of incessant ringing phones that double as the soundtrack to your day.

OK, so that’s not very laid back; there’s so much going on! Keeping organized (and sane) is hard when you’re constantly multitasking while being attached to the phone. But answering and placing calls all day is an essential part of the job. Or is it? There’s no way to completely replace calls, but there is a way to reduce how much time a front desk staff is on the phone, and it starts with a technology that we all use every day: text messaging.

What’s texting-for-business software?

Texting-for-business software is just what it sounds like, a texting service specifically designed for the needs of businesses and their customers. While texting from your personal number confines you to your smartphone, texting software keeps you organized by letting you text from your computer using your existing business number. And with automation features like Scheduled Messages, Auto-Replies and keyword-triggered responses, you can handle appointments and help customers without being tied to the phone. Business texting is the front office software you need to better manage and ease your work day.

How texting solves the daily challenges of a front desk staff

There are heaps of challenges a front desk staff works through every day, but here’s how business texting software can change that.


When you text enable your business, the number of calls you receive daily will drop. Questions and requests that would normally require a phone call can be done more conveniently over a text message, like appointment scheduling and reminders. Wondering whether your customers would be open to texting? In our 2019 State of Texting Report, 67% of consumers said they would rather text with a business about appointments, reminders and scheduling than by email or phone. Check out this blog post to see how scheduling appointments over text is convenient for both parties.

Getting a hold of customers is a struggle

Getting your customers to reply to your phone calls and emails is increasingly difficult and it affects how efficient your workday can be. Email open rates are only 20%, phone calls are regularly ignored and voicemails are now an afterthought. When you can’t get a response, having to follow up just adds more work to your day. Texting has a near 100% open rate and the response time is higher than email or phone calls. It’s so much more convenient for customers to text a quick reply than find time in their busy day to call you back or find your email in their bursting inboxes.

Dedicated customer service is hard when you’re juggling multiple customers

It’s not uncommon to be helping multiple customers at once. You might have customers on hold while you’re helping others or emailing one while you’re chatting with another. Business text messaging allows you to reduce calls and instead communicate right from your computer screen, giving you the flexibility to help customers at your convenience without keeping them waiting too long. When a customer texts your business, you’ll be notified, and their conversation will be waiting for you when you check back in. And for the times when a customer calls in and you have to place them on hold, your on-hold message can let them know to text the same number if they’d like to skip the wait time. Hear how our Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital does this for their customers here.

No-shows happen too often

When customers don’t show up for appointments, it wastes your time and hurts revenue. Sending appointment reminders prevents no-shows from happening, but if you’re only doing that by phone or email, customers might not be seeing your reminders. Texting is a perfect replacement. You can schedule appointment reminders to go out to your customers, and if they can’t make it or need to reschedule, they can easily do so by replying to your text. Read about how McCracken Chiropractic & Wellness Center uses text messaging to reduce their no-show rate.

Zipwhip business texting software – How our customers spend less time on the phone

Want to hear your phones ring less and get more work done? Zipwhip is an easy-to-learn business-texting software that front desk staff use daily to reduce unnecessary time spent on the phone. It streamlines their day by automating messages, tracking conversations, allowing customers to send and receive photos of important documents and much more. Become an efficient team and keep your work day a little more peaceful with Zipwhip.

Watch how our software helps staff keep organized and improve their front desk experience with these short customer videos.

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To learn more about Zipwhip and how you can incorporate texting into your daily workflow, see our features page here.

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