Integrating Two-way Conversational Texting Into a CRM With the Zipwhip Texting Widget

Zipwhip enables businesses to send and receive text messages over their existing landline or toll-free phone number so they can communicate with their customers over the medium they prefer most – texting. Zipwhip provides full-featured texting apps for web, desktop and mobile devices, as well as APIs and extensibility tools for developers to integrate Zipwhip texting into their apps.

Thousands of businesses rely on Zipwhip for two-way conversational texting and most of these businesses use a CRM as their source of truth for all customer communication. Many of these businesses have requested the ability to integrate Zipwhip texting into their CRMs so they can text customers without having to switch apps. And that’s what the Zipwhip Texting Widget is designed to do.

Today we’re excited to announce the Zipwhip Texting Widget.

What is a Texting Widget?

A texting widget, or text message widget, is a miniaturized version of a text messaging app. It provides a simple way to integrate text messaging into any app with a single line of code. It is also referred to as a low-code solution or no-code solution.

The texting widget can be embedded in a CRM or workflow app to enable two-way conversational texting. Paired with our API, we provide developers with all the tools they need to easily integrate an end-to-end texting solution that allows for seamless communication, automation and message archiving.

Texting Widget Single Panel UI

The Zipwhip Texting Widget provides access to all of the core features of our web app, in a single panel UI with three components:

  • Inbox: The Inbox Panel displays a list of all existing conversations, the ability to navigate between conversations and to create new conversations.
  • Messaging: The Messaging Panel displays the message history and provides the ability to send and receive messages with the specified recipient.
  • Contact Details: From within the Messaging Panel you can drill down to the Contact Details Panel to view and edit the details of the person you are messaging with.

Zipwhip contact details

Displaying the Widget in a CRM

The Widget can be easily integrated with a CRM by embedding it on a page or diplaying it in a popup window.


An example of embedding the Widget on a page would be a Contact Details screen in a CRM, as in the Salesforce mockup below. In this case the Widget is embedded on the contact details page and only displays messages that are specific to the contact being viewed.

Texting in CRM

Integrating the Widget into your app in this way couldn’t be easier. Just add an iframe to your existing web page, with the following code.  

<iframe src="" width="330px" height="500px"></iframe>

That one line of code will display the Inbox component giving you full access to all conversations. 

If you want the Widget to load a specific conversation, as in the mockup above, simply append `/messaing/phoneNumber` to the URL, where `phoneNumber` is the customer’s 10-digit US phone number without any punctuation symbols or spaces (e.g. 2065551234), or a phone number in E.164 format containing a ‘+’ followed by the ‘country code’ followed by the ‘mobile phone number’ (e.g. +12065551234) 

<iframe src="" width="330px" height="500px"></iframe>

Popup Window

An example for the popup window is illustrated in the screenshot below where the Widget is opened in a separate window that can be moved and resized so it remains visible regardless of what screen you are viewing in your CRM.

Texting Deep Link

To implement the Widget in a popup window, just create a link that wraps the URL in function. 

<a href="'', '_blank',
'width=400px,height=600px,top=100,left=100')">Open Popup Widget</a>

If you want to link to a specific conversation, just append `/messaging/2065551234` to the URL.

<a href="'',
'_blank', 'width=400px,height=600px,top=100,left=100')">Open Popup Widget</a>

It’s that easy!


The Widget is available today to all Zipwhip customers at no additional charge. You can now integrate the Zipwhip Widget with your CRM to provide an in-app text messaging experience similar to our full-featured web, desktop and mobile apps.

Documentation and Resources

You can learn more about the Widget and other Zipwhip APIs and developer tools on the Zipwhip Developer Center, or check out the Zipwhip Texting Widget tutorial video below.

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