15 Ways SMS Messaging Can Increase Your AGM (Agency Growth Model) 

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You’ve already figured out that earning new business is only half the battle as a new insurance agent. Besides new customers, you also need to maintain and retain your current book. Yet your inability to easily get in touch with people is crippling your staff’s productivity and pulling you farther away from hitting that bonus. How can you be expected to increase sales and collect recurring payments when you can’t even get in touch with your customers?

Here are 15 tips on how SMS messaging for business can increase your AGM:

  1. Let customers know they can contact you via the method they prefer (texting)
  2. Non-intrusively follow up with warm leads by text to elicit a quick response
  3. Build more personal relationships with customers by sending a happy birthday text
  4. Suggest that prospects send a snapshot of their current policy to you via MMS picture message in order to speed up the quoting process
  5. Send helpful appointment reminder texts to busy customers
  6. Make it easier for prospects to contact you by advertising you are available over text
  7. Provide ID cards via MMS picture messaging for easy access on customers’ phones
  8. Establish trust and build rapport with new clients by speaking with them on a more casual medium
  9. Juggle multiple customer inquiries at once using text instead of one at a time on the phone
  10. Save time and money by requesting pictures of property be sent via MMS for inspections
  11. Provide customers with an opt-out in case they don’t feel comfortable with texting
  12. Provide after service surveys via text
  13. Speed up document delivery with MMS by receiving quick snapshots of documents like proof of insurance, report cards, etc.
  14. Create urgency by confirming last minute details over text when closing a policy
  15. Drive better reviews with quick responses when customers text you

SMS messaging is the most effective form of communication and is not going away. Earning new business and maintaining current customers isn’t going to get any easier either. Especially with millennials making up the majority of today’s workforce and therefore your customer pool.  This is where SMS messaging can help. Your customers will appreciate how responsive you are to their demands and you’ll appreciate their loyalty and business.

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