Texting is a popular tool to foster better customer communication, but did you know that texting can also be used to improve internal communication?

Staying in touch with your teams through email is common practice, but it’s likely causing a disconnect. Messages from human resources and managers can easily be overlooked by employees in email inboxes thanks to the medium’s overuse. And because email isn’t a high-priority medium, employees likely won’t see a message until long after you’ve sent it, or maybe not at all.

For short, quick communications and messages that need to be seen right away, your employees need to be contacted on a platform that’s easily visible. For those who aren’t always in the office throughout the week, messages should be accessible on the go, too.

Employees are more likely to look at a text from their employer knowing it can be read and digested quickly. That’s why texting works as an internal communication tool – it’s a medium that’s meant for bite-sized information. And with business-texting software, you can reach employees on their mobile phones using features that ease the issues you may run into when communicating to a large group.

Here’s how three Zipwhip customers are successfully using business-texting software to keep their teams informed and up to date throughout the work week.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. keeps 500 employees in the know

Based in north Iowa, Sukup Manufacturing Co. is a family-owned manufacturer of grain bins, grain dryers, material handling equipment and pre-engineered metal buildings. With hundreds of employees traveling up to an hour and half to the Sukup facility every day for work, Sukup relies on text messages to communicate time-sensitive announcements that may affect everyone’s commute.

From poor weather conditions to facility power outages, it’s crucial that employees find out as early as possible whether they should hit the road or stay at home. Using Zipwhip’s templates feature, Sukup has pre-written messages on hand to send out to employees at a moment’s notice.

Employees know that when they get a text from Sukup, it needs to be read right away. Plus, it’s the way they prefer to get notifications from their employer.

“We see more people coming to us and saying, ‘This is my cell phone number. That’s the best way to reach me,’” says Samantha Petersburg, human resources generalist at Sukup. “We don’t have a large population coming to us and saying ‘This is my email address.’ So people want that back-pocket response… they want the message now. That’s what employees want and that’s what we’re doing.”

Sukup uses texting in their internal communications strategy for recruitment purposes, too. With a robust intern fall program, Sukup sometimes handles a hundred interviews over a few days. Texting expedites the scheduling process by allowing a quick “yes” or “no” instead of playing phone tag with candidates. They also use Zipwhip’s Keyword feature to allow applicants to start the process on their own. When someone texts the word APPLY to the Sukup business phone number, it triggers an auto-reply message with the information the applicant needs to get started.

Entrust Property Solutions stays in touch with team members in the field

Entrust Property Solutions is a property management company based in Springfield, Missouri. Team members split their time between the office and out in the field, showing properties to prospective clients. Because they’re not all in the same place at the same time, texting has become a welcome stand-in for face-to-face communication.

“[We get] much faster responses and resolution of issues. It’s fantastic,” says Aimee Earl, director of operations at Entrust.

In addition to strengthening their internal communication strategy, Entrust also adopted a business-texting solution to maintain employee safety. Because leasing agents travel from property to property to conduct apartment tours with prospects, Entrust doesn’t want agents texting from the native messaging apps on their phones. Agents use Zipwhip on their phones to keep prospect and personal conversations separate, as well as protect any personal identifiable information exchanged within those texts.

Learn more about Zipwhip’s security and compliance features here.

Stanford Park Nannies fills job openings faster

Stanford Park Nannies is an award-winning nanny agency that provides the highest quality nannies to local families. Through their 21-point screening process, the business ensures all their nannies are thoroughly vetted and that their placements are truly the right fit for both the parents and nannies. They also have a pool of temp-active candidates ready to deploy should a family need a nanny in a pinch.

After continually experiencing lengthy delays in filling jobs, staffing director Sarah Kopf decided to adopt texting to communicate faster with temporary and on-call nannies. Getting in touch via email or phone calls was slowing down the process. Nannies often don’t have emails pushed to their phones and calling candidates one by one took up a lot of time.

Texting candidates offers Standford Park Nannies the speed they need to connect with their nannies, and since implementing Zipwhip, Kopf says shift and interview response rates have increased.

“We’re able to confirm or cancel an appointment much more easily with texting. Our number of no-shows has gone down.” – Standford Park Nannies

Standford Park Nannies also use Zipwhip’s MMS feature to request document updates from their nannies when needed. Instead of taking up extra time by providing the document in person or by mail, nannies just snap a photo of their document and send it via text.

Zipwhip keeps employees engaged throughout the week with regular updates on company happenings

We use our own platform at Zipwhip to keep 300+ employees informed of company news, product updates, team events and more. Zipwhip texting notifications are reserved for timely announcements, so we know when we get a message through the Zipwhip platform, it’s news we should pay attention to. Here are just a few examples of how various teams use it.

      • Weekly Zipwhip digest. Our intranet houses in-depth updates on everything going on at Zipwhip – from leadership announcements to flu shot signups. Every Friday, our communications team sends out a text like the one below with a quick summary and a link to the intranet for more information.
    • sample weekly digest text message to employees
      • Product news bulletin. Every week our product team sends us a quick update on the latest news and changes to the Zipwhip product. This is helpful for teams across the company because it affects how we sell, write and talk about our product externally.
      • Friday lunch notice. Every Friday, the entire company meets to share catered lunch and enjoy a presentation of Zipwhip news from our CEO John Lauer. We can all expect a notification at 11:45 a.m. to remind us to take a break and head to the lunch room.

Zipwhip gourmet lunch Friday text message notification

Learn more about how Zipwhip works and how it can help your team stay better connected with a free trial.

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