Use Click-to-Text to Generate More Conversations With Your Web Visitors

How to use Zipwhip's Click-to-Text Button on Your Website

Click-to-Text is an incredibly effective call to action. It tells web visitors they can connect with your business instantly through the click of a button. The best part: anyone can embed a custom Click-to-Text button for free on their website today with our free Click-to-Text button generator.

How does Click-to-Text work?

Once you create a custom Click-to-Text button, you can embed it within your website and link it to your existing business landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number. When a visitor taps your Click-to-Text button or link from their phone or desktop, it opens their default messaging app and pre-populates with your phone number and a message.

Once you receive a text from your web visitor, it’s up to you to respond. This can make or break the customer experience. Discover the immense value of two-way text conversations when you use Zipwhip’s software. This way, your business can easily reply to inbound messages from any device.

Why is Click-to-Text important?

Offering a clear, easy and quick communication channel to visitors generates more conversations. Simply put: your customers want to text you. In fact, many are already texting you – you just might not know it.

When connected with Zipwhip’s business texting software, you can track each message received and sent, allowing for more administrative oversight and control. It also allows your employees to manage communications through cloud software instead of their own personal cell phones.

Allowing visitors to quickly communicate in their preferred channel of communication can help improve customer service. Customers no longer need to wait on hold or jump through hoops to submit a form. They just click, type and send. Making the customer journey as seamless as possible will improve your overall brand image.

Finally, you can incorporate Click-to-Text into your existing digital marketing efforts. Instagram and Google AdWords all support a text or message button. Connecting this to your landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number increases accessibility to your brand and opens up those channels of communication to visitors on these other various platforms.

How do I get Click-to-Text?

Adding a Click-to-Text button on your website is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Use our free Click-to-Text button generator tool below
  2. Insert your landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number
  3. Write a default text message (optional)
  4. Submit your email address
  5. Choose the size and colors you want your button to be
  6. Copy and paste your code into your website

Congratulations – your visitors can now click and send an SMS message directly to your business. It’s important to verify your landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number has been text-enabled. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive or respond to incoming messages from customers who want to talk to you.

Don’t know if your business phone is text-enabled? Text or call us at (855) 947-9447 to get set up today.

What are some best practices when implementing Click-to-Text?

  • Customize the color and size of your Click-to-Text button. Every company should understand the critical role color plays in the overall brand experience. Presenting a cohesive visual experience on your digital platforms is critical. With our free custom button generator, you have control over the color and size of your text to chat button.
  • Place your button strategically to increase conversions. Put your button on your website footer, header or contact page, and embed it in email signatures to maximize visibility.
  • Respond. If your visitors are reaching out to you, they most likely have a question or want more information. They’re looking for answers or a conversation with a real human. Ignoring their correspondence makes them feel devalued. Make sure your landline, VoIP or toll-free number has been text-enabled and you have a software that supports two-way texting conversations between businesses and consumers.
  • Create an Auto Reply message for non-business hours. Auto Replies let your customers know that you’ve received their text even at night or on weekends.
  • Add a Custom Signature to your outbound texts. Use a Signature that includes the name of your company to give customers assurance that you are with the business they meant to text.
  • Match your message with a clear marketing objective.Whether your goal is to increase demos or get newsletter signups, be sure the pre-populated message is clear. Otherwise, they’re less likely to text you.
  • Add Click-to-Text to Google AdWords and Instagram.Boost your digital marketing efforts by integrating Click-to-Text into all facets of your brand. AdWords message extensions average 50% higher click-through-rate than other mobile ad extensions.
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